Of touchdowns, yardage and receptions

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First Posted: 12/22/2014

Santa will be here soon and everyone has a list. From little kids who want the latest toys and video games to adults with the need for another tie, pair of socks or a gift card to their favorite restaurant.

It’s the season of giving and give we shall. To all those Fantasy players, here is what Santa may bring this year:

For Fantasy Football players everywhere, points from all your players and a victory every week.

For The Colonel’s League in Old Shawnee, a new draft board for 2015.

Colonel Frank Coughlin, a return of Mark Dushok to the league.

Harry “The Hawk” Yurch, first pick in the draft and all Eagles on his team.

Robert “Lem” Barney, Peyton Manning to drop to his pick again, but he’ll take Andrew Luck.

Teddy Baggett, to remember who Team No. 2 and Team No. 3 are.

Ricky “Pickles” McDaniels, every player he selects to have a “monster” year.

Steve Andrejko, a time clock for his picks.

Terry Womeldorf, for his roster of players to attend the Plymouth Kielbasa Festival in 2015.

Dave Yefko & Al Junevitz, to have that fourth pick back and take Andrew Luck instead of Matthew Stafford.

Tom “Muff” Miskin, an all-Eagle Fantasy roster — that scores points.

Danny Lewis, a new partner other than Pickles.

Bopsey Twins, to be renamed “The Triplets” and to put that Tim Tebow pick behind them.

Dan the Banker, better attendance at meetings.

Chuck Peterman Jr., for his Fantasy team to play as well as his beloved Packers.

Tom Swartwood, Jimmy Graham, but in the second round.

Ted Wampole, a comeback for John Riggins, Art Monk and Sonny Jurgenson.

Jim Grinavich, to be able to draft TCU players.

Justin “The Oracle” Eddy, to win the NFFL. (Note from Santa: I can’t deliver that gift.)

Dave “Lunker” Lowery, to be as good at Fantasy Football as he is at catching pike, walleye and bass.

Al “Crown Royal” Finn, to host the draft at the American Legion and to again have first pick.

Scott Christian, all Cowboys on his roster and another shot at the Packers.

Kevin “Whopper” Weiss, to have it his way and never play Ted.

Chuck “Top Gun” Peterman, Sr., to play pitch 7 days a week at the Benton Man Cave.

Dave Salus, Arian Foster every year.

Bob Katulka and Ray Culp, to attend the pre-draft draft to see how fair it is.

The Newsroom League, a quiet and peaceful end.

Fantasy Football magazines, to stop publishing.

Fantasy Football “experts,” to be held accountable.

Clyde Peters, Plymouth VFW, a room for The Colonel’s League to meet without music blasting.

The Neighborhood Franchise Football League, new rules, like automatically getting your injured QB’s replacement.

Merry Christmas to all and to all another great Fantasy Football year!