Madden 15 appeals to all

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First Posted: 9/15/2014

It’s that time of the year again, the fall brings football season and with that “Madden” season.

This year marks the 26th edition of the series with “Madden NFL 15”. This year’s “Madden NFL” football game has had some serious changes and upgrades to the gameplay on both sides of the field and a substantial new generation graphical overhaul.

Now the presentation of the game is much more attuned to the real life game with a new broadcast system. This new system helps control the weather, the commentary, new dynamic half time and post game shows, and most importantly more action packed camera angles, that bring you closer to the game.

Madden season is one of the biggest events in the game industry every year, but most of the time there are only small iterations. Thanks to the game having a yearly release schedule, changes aren’t usually substantial. The presentation isn’t the only thing that has changed, there have also been changes made to both the offensive and defensive side of the field.

On the offensive side, the passing game has seen some improvements. Quarterbacks now have better passing controls, making for an easier passing game, but there is a new passing inaccuracy system. Inaccuracy is exactly how it sounds, the skill level of the quarterback will be based on the real life stats of the player, the game keeps in account things like defense rushing in and pressure and determines how accurate he can throw in that situation. It makes for more incomplete passes for beginner players, like me, but it is more accurate to real life.

The offensive aspect I like the most (not knowing much about football) is the newly revamped play picking. It is less cluttered then last year, and it actually gives you some good information about suggested plays. I am a very casual player so I like to use the suggested plays and it gives you some hints as to why it chose it so the player can learn something about the game. It will also give a coaches suggestion that tells you how the other team will be vulnerable in that given situation. It will also show the success rate the play might have based on statistics gathered by the community.

The biggest bullet point on the back of the box is the newly redesigned defense system, it feels more impactful and exciting then ever before. The first thing you will notice is the new defense camera. It will now point at the quarterback so you can hone right in on your objective. Another new feature is the option to pick either a high or a low tackle and change the strength of your hit. The camera doesn’t work the same way when you are playing a friend in your living room. It works perfectly fine when you are playing online which feels like a huge advantage.

Older features are back, such as the Offline Franchise mode, Connected Franchise and Ultimate Team. These systems have not been revamped as much as the others but there are some tweaks. The ultimate team mode is more streamlined, the micro-transaction stuff is back and I refuse to pay extra money for it, but if you are patient you won’t have to.

For someone who doesn’t know the finer points of the game the most noticeable thing is the graphical upgrades which are substantial. The players look great and the textures on the field and the uniforms looks real especially on the Playstation 4 and Xbox One.

Some of the most noticeable improvements are when there is rain or snow or night-time games where you can see all the shadows that are cast on the field. One weird part is the sidelines and the stands don’t look very good which isn’t a big deal to me but it is apparent.

Even though I don’t know much about football I thought this year’s Madden was better then the last few years. Graphically it looks better then every one before and the gameplay is more accessible. It actually teaches you something about the game. If you are a veteran to the series you will love this game, and if you are new this might be a good starting point if you want to give it a try.

Overall “Madden 15” delivers the best gridiron gameplay on the market and I understand why it is such a big deal for football lovers.