“Hyrule Warriors” entertains marginally

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First Posted: 10/6/2014

I am a “Legend of Zelda” fanatic.

It might just be my favorite game series of all time, the newest game might be in the same world but “Hyrule Warriors” is definitely not your standard “Zelda” game. “Hyrule Warriors” is a bizarre mash-up between the classic “Legend of Zelda” franchise and the not so stellar “Dynasty Warriors” series.

There was a time when I liked the “Dynasty” games but I grew weary of them pretty quickly. So keeping this in mind I was very skeptical to try this game but it really isn’t that bad.

“Hyrule Warriors” leans much more on the “Dynasty Warriors” side, there is no puzzle solving or exploration, even though it is more like a button mashing fighter game, there are a bunch of things for “Zelda” fans to enjoy. There is a ton of “Zelda” fan service in “Hyrule Warriors”, it looks and sounds like a “Zelda” game, and has a crazy amount of unlockable “Zelda” characters you can play, each feeling very distinct.

The story of “Hyrule Warriors” is not an incredible deep narrative, but it is serviceable in driving the gameplay. There is a dark power that has spread throughout the land, and it is blurring the lines between the different “Zelda” worlds and allowing characters from “Ocarina of Time”, “Twilight Princess”, and “Skyward Sword” to exist in the same place.

If you are familiar with the “Dynasty” series you will know the No. 1 complaint is the repetitive gameplay. It is you against an army of bad guys. You just hack and slash your way through hoards of enemies using the same combos, the only thing that breaks up the repetition is the special moves and the occasional giant boss battle.

The best part of the game is unlocking and being able to play a new character. Each of their fighting styles are different and it changes the way you play, you also get to hear the story of the game from all the possible view points. Unlike the “Dynasty” series, all of the bad guys are “Zelda” creatures which changes the feel a little bit, and the boss battles feel more like a classic “Zelda” game because you have to use special weapons earned throughout the campaign. Each of the bosses has a pattern to learn and a special weapon you need to take them down.

One of the highlights of the game was the adventure mode, the aesthetic looks like the original NES “Zelda” where you explore a grid like world finding different objectives, once you find them it opens up small but fun challenges. Some of the challenges you might find, is defeating a certain number of enemies with one weapon or take out a boss within a time limit. Finishing the challenges unlocks all sorts of weapons and items you can use in the main game.

The best way to play this type of game is with a friend, there isn’t really much in line of online game modes but you can play cooperatively with a friend in the living room with one person on the gamepad and other players with Wii Remotes. It doesn’t change the dynamic of the game too much but it is fun to team up and take down the huge bosses together.

“Hyrule Warriors” might not be the “Legend of Zelda” game you have been waiting for but it is a decent game set in the same world that will hold you over till next years release of a proper new edition in the series. Overall “Hyrule Warriors” is a pretty good game with a ton of fan service. If you are a fan of the “Dynasty Warrior” series you will love this game but if you are a “Zelda” fan, it just isn’t the same.