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First Posted: 11/17/2014

New people are meeting you for the first time almost every single day. Whether you are having a conversation with them or not, when you’re at the grocery store picking up milk, people you never met are seeing you for the first time. When you’re picking up contact solution or tampons at Walmart, you’re walking by people who never saw you. When you’re taking a selfie for your Tinder profile, you’re exposing yourself to people who are just becoming acquainted with your existence.

Even if you realize it, or not, they are judging you. Those new pair of Jordans, they noticed them. The time you didn’t wear makeup to pick up your prescription at CVS, that woman stocking up on the female edition of Axe body spray totally knew.

So, what are people thinking when they meet you for the first time? What do people notice when they meet someone for the first time? Weekender asked our readers that question, and this is what they said…