11 Epic reasons a BONUS Adult Swim Night is the best thing to happen to your summer!

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First Posted: 8/4/2014

Holy guacamole, it’s August!

With summer now in its hangover stage, it may be assessed that nothing can provide the rush of inaugural summer events such as the introduction to warm weather, BBQ’s and fireworks. Before you start pestering your bartender to tell you when they’re going to get “that pumpkin beer” on tap, trade your summertime sadness for a beach towel and a debit card that can handle getting hit with a bar tab, because Montage Mountain’s water park is hosting a bonus Adult Swim Night on Thursday, August 7 (5p.m. – 10p.m.) — and it could be the best thing to happen to your summer. Here are 11 epic reasons why…

1. It’s an excuse to get together with all of your friends from home before heading back to college in a few weeks.

2. Mariah will be bartending! #bestbartenderever

3. You can relax in the lazy river while a bucket of beer sits on your lap. With Coors Light buckets only $8, you’d be a fool to only endure one lap around.

4. If beer isn’t your thing, take a lap around the lazy river with a cup of $4 Lazy River Lemonade in your hand.

5. $3 16-ounce Coors Light Pounders. Enough said.

6. You haven’t experienced freedom until you have gone down a water slide with a beer in your hand. You’re actually allowed to hold your drink while going down the water slides. Maybe it’s a challenge only a professional drinker — or frat brother — can fulfill without a spill, but it’s sure as hell fun.

7. No need to rush home for dinner after work. The wet’n’wild party features food specials including $4 homemade hummus, $5 Nachos and $7 crab dip.

8. If you happen to spill some crab dip on your shirt, you can wash it off on lifeguard Gary Brower’s washboard abs. Ladies, he’s single and ready to save your life.

9. Frozen T-Shirt contest! If you don’t know what that means, just be happy to know it doesn’t involve that “Let it go” song.

10. Admission is only $10, making Adult Swim Night an affordable night out.

11. The ‘water park after dark’ event is on Thursday, so if you’re hungover at work on Friday, you’ll be too thrilled with the fact that it’s Friday to even care.