Weekender’s Sexiest of NEPA 2014

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First Posted: 2/10/2014

It may have been the midst of another cold snap while we were shooting our 2013 “Sexiest” picks in barely a stitch of clothing, but the luxurious honeymoon suite at The Woodlands Inn & Resort (1073 Highway 315, Wilkes-Barre) didn’t take long to heat up, thanks to not only the hot bodies occupying it, but the incredible personalities that went along with them.

Whether they realized it or not, each “Sexiest” candidate portrayed exactly what they named to be the definition of sexy: confidence.

We asked the guys and gals to step out into below freezing temperatures for the perfect shot, wondered if they could step out of their comfort zone and don underwear smaller than they ever had before, and picked their brains with questions to find out who they truly were. None wavered in their actions, and all proved that sexy comes in all shapes, sizes, and walks of life.

Kirsten, Courtney, Charley, Derek, Valerie, Joe, Cheyenne, Tyler, and Dominique each had the courage to bare all and to be themselves. After all, isn’t that what being sexy is all about?

The Weekender extends a special thanks to The Woodlands and The Sapphire Salon and Destination Spa for doing hair and makeup for our ladies and also helping out on-site, in particular to Haley Schmid, Jessica Planchock, Genisis Tabone, Tiffany Sarr, and Bobby Walsh.

Dominique Kozuch

Her bright blonde locks striking a stunning contrast to the ebony lingerie that outfitted her body, Kozuch stood in the open doorway that led to the balcony of the hotel room, smiling through slight shivers as cold air seeped in while the photos were snapped. Even the chill couldn’t keep the 23-year-old Jermyn native from throwing her all into the shoot – something she does with every aspect of her life.

It’s evidenced by the “Go Do” tattoo that adorns her left wrist, a tribute to the Jónsi song of that name.

“I fell in love with it,” Kozuch said of her first hearing of the song. “It’s my little motivational piece to always put forth my best effort.”

Kozuch is passionate about her art, painting and drawing, and finds confidence to be sexy.

“Confidence, a positive attitude, and being optimistic is the ultimate sexy.”

Cheyenne Lavelle

Confidence is the key to being sexy according to Lavelle, and it’s also a trait that helps her when it comes to something she’s passionate about: playing pool.

She flashes a sly grin when talking about her hobby, something she began focusing on about a year ago.

“I would practice five hours a day, every day,” she said. When asked if she uses these skills to shock some men who might think they’re better players, she laughs and nods affirmative.

“They are very surprised. And it even pisses some of them off.”

Lavelle is currently pursuing a modeling career, and the 19-year-old from Plains Township said she feels sexiest when she’s “all dressed up to go out” and avoids anyone who is cocky, as that, to her, is the opposite of what sexy is.

Tyler Farrell

This lean, tatted-up 18-year-old from Scranton feels sexy when he’s working out in the gym, but such habits are only part of the reason he’s in such great shape.

Farrell wrestled in the Scranton area for 11 years. He jokes that that’s one reason he was so comfortable stripping down for our cameras.

“I’m pretty confident with my body,” he said. “I’m used to being in front of people in tight and not a lot of clothing.”

Farrell is passionate about music, and he said his ideal sexy woman is pop singer Selena Gomez.

Kirsten Johnson

Johnson oozes confidence and likability at first sight, laughing about his bright yellow briefs.

“I talked to a friend about doing this and they said, ‘Hey, if you’re going to do it, go big,’” he said of his choice of underwear, the most unique of the male set.

Johnson captured the title of Weekender Man of the Year for 2013. He describes himself as someone who is “eccentric, chill, and a hypochondriac.” Such a self-diagnosis in no way hampers how amiable the 25-year-old Brooklyn, N.Y., native is.

“Being confident and having personality and character, in everything you do,” he said of what sexy means to him. He finds Margot Robbie (of “Wolf of Wall Street” fame) to be sexy, and is passionate about “every and anything that’s art-related.”

Charley Zanta

There’s a lot of charm packed into such a tiny thing when it comes to Zanta, whose constant smile, bright eyes, and long dark hair give her resemblance to the person she finds sexiest: Megan Fox.

The 20-year-old Duryea resident models whenever she can and is focusing on jump-starting a full-on career in the industry. She’s also very passionate about animals.

“To be confident, powerful, and courageous,” Zanta said of what sexy means to her, pointing out that she feels sexiest when her hair and makeup are done perfectly.

And what’s not hot?

“Having a big ego.”

Valerie Lynn

Though Lynn used the word “clumsy” to describe herself (as well as witty, and driven), she was anything but, teetering on high heels in front of the camera as she showcased a lingerie set that conjures up the romance of the impending holiday.

The 25-year-old Mountain Top resident feels sexiest when she’s working out and is passionate about dancing and teaching dance. She’s also passionate about putting her best foot forward, working hard and exceeding expectations.

Sexy means confidence to Lynn, and she’s got a specific type of man in mind when it comes to who she finds sexy.

“A rugged man,” she notes with a smile. “I like a beard.”

Derek Stoneback

Wearing boxer-briefs that matched the skull part of his Indian headdress chest tattoo, Stoneback didn’t even flinch when asked to step out onto the hotel room balcony and into the cold for a couple quick shots.

In fact, he did it in bare feet, waving down a towel offered to him to stand on. The low temps did nothing to ice over his confidence.

The 22-year-old from Wilkes-Barre, who described himself as determined and focused, is passionate about his physical training, and his future. He feels sexiest when he works out and doesn’t have one specific person in mind when asked who he finds sexy, just a set of defining traits.

“A great personality, sense of humor, and a great smile and eyes,” he said of what he looks for.

As for what doesn’t work for him, it’s a bad habit many have.

“Smoking is not sexy.”

Joe Piasecki

The 24-year-old field service engineer from Madison Township showed up to shoot with fresh ink on his bicep – a very well-sculpted one.

Piasecki is passionate about healthy living and maintaining such a lifestyle, and he is a big proponent of the gym.

“After a good workout,” he said of when he feels sexiest. “Anyone should feel sexy after that.”

He believes sexy means when “someone realizes they are not perfect and accepts themselves, flaws and all.” He finds arrogance and snobbish behavior to be the opposite of sexy and said a “bad personality outweighs looks.”

His personality seems to be on point, someone who doesn’t take himself too seriously despite what a health nut he is, as evidenced by the quip he made on his way out the door.

“I am going straight to Dunkin Donuts and getting a bunch of donuts now that this is over,” he said with a laugh.

Courtney White

Though she was slightly tense walking into the shoot, White’s nerves quickly abated, thanks in part to her outgoing personality and ability to immediately start telling funny stories when chatting with us.

The 21-year-old esthetician from Honesdale is very passionate about her career and describes herself as charming, loyal, and optimistic.

“It’s being comfortable in your own,” she said of what’s sexy, and it was clear that she is just that.

For White, the opposite of sexy is arrogance. As for when she feels sexiest? It’s a unique answer, but one we’re sure many ladies (and maybe even men) can identify with.

“When I’m listening to Beyoncé,” she said with a laugh.