Makeup Rules: The Real King Bob

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First Posted: 10/12/2014

On Wednesday’s we wear black and for the next season we will continue to emerge ourselves into the twisted world of American Horror Story: Freak Show. Although dark and demented Freak Show enlightens us on the importance of individually and utter uniqueness. So, come one come all and follow me, the Real King Bob, as I lead you into the twisted side of makeup with an American Horror Story: Freak Show inspired look.

To begin this gloomy, yet sophisticated look, we will take you back to 1952, Jupiter, Florida and pull inspiration from the last remaining Freak Show in America.

Begin with a double dose of eye brightening concealer covering a large majority of your under eye and cheek highlight area. Continue with a soft matte powder foundation all over and apply an innocent amount of soft light pink flush to the apples of your cheeks. A soft fresh complexion nice, innocent and slightly naive.

Allow for some of your foundation to adhere to your brows for slight coverage, so that you can pencil in a thinner more slender version of your brows to mimic that of the 1950’s.

For your lips, begin by putting an evil grin on your face and apply a prohibited and daring true red or deep pink to your lips.

Lastly, we will entertain your eyes, since they are considered the key to your soul. You want to stand out with a striking gaze and to do so; apply a cream color base all over the upper and lower lid. And apply a soft medium matte gray shadow to your lid up to the crease and along your bottom lash line. Soften the edge of the shadow at your crease with a shimmering glitter shadow in a light gold or champagne up to the brow bone. At the outer corner of your eye flick a dark gray matte shadow outward and upward slightly creating a soft dreamy smoke. We want to maximize your eyes with this no upper liner look by adding a blue mascara to your bottom lashes and applying a blue liner to your bottom water line and individual lashes with extra black mascara to your upper lashes.