Don’t Think You Can Get Away With Just A Bellyrub

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First Posted: 11/20/2014

The dogs and cats in your life love you no matter what kind of day you are having and they deserve a present under the tree. That is if they haven’t knocked over the tree or sniffed out their present already. Here are a few ideas that will make the holidays special for your best fur-buddy:


Keep in touch with your pet with iCPooch. Conduct a two-way video chat with your favorite furry friend and deliver a treat with the press of a button from anywhere. It is the perfect solution for easing your pet’s anxiety (or yours) when away from home. iCPooch has its own internal computer and Wi-Fi. All the unit needs is AC power and a Wi-Fi router to connect to. The iCPooch application is free to download and all you need is a tablet or a smart phone for your pet. It connects to your home Wi-Fi and you can deliver a treat without having a tablet. $129.99 online at or

Paw Print Ornament Kit

Create a special keepsake ornament for your dog or cat. The paw print kit is easy to use, nontoxic and doesn’t require any mixing or baking. Kit includes air drying clay, hanging ribbon, 4” diameter shaping ring and instructions. It takes only minutes to create a lasting ornament. $7.95 at Wegmans


A box of high quality dog products for your pup, delivered to your door each month. You’ll receive a handpicked selection of dog products —from toys and innovative gadgets to gourmet treats, bones, hygiene products and essentials. Pay for one, three, six or 12 boxes. The company donates $3 from every BarkBox sold to a local rescue or shelter. Prices ranges from $29 for one month to $18 for 12 months. Sign up for BarkBox at

Dog Stogies

Want to play fetch and look dapper doing it? These fetch sticks are extremely durable and functional allowing for maximum distance when thrown. Each order is for one Doggie Cigar. $10 online at

Super Pet Critter Cruiser for Small Animals

Critter cruiser is a pet powered exercise car for hamsters and gerbils. Critter cruiser’s adjustable racing wheel allows for the car to work in three different ways. Exercising critters can spin the wheel and remains stationary or watch your pet turn the wheel and roll on any flat surface. $14.29 online at

Cats Attack Scratching Post

Give your cat something to scratch. Cats Attack scratching post is a post designed to look like a cityscape. It comes in five cardboard pieces which slot together to form the post. If one side gets scuffed, turn it around and use the other side. $33.29 online at

Cat DJ Scratching Deck

Is your cat more into music than cities? What’s more fun than a cat mixing some sick beats? The decks come flat packed and fold together into a simple structure with movable tone arm and a top which spins as your cat paws at it. $27.79 online at