Motorhead: GMC is a “Lyin’ Preacher

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First Posted: 12/9/2014

This truck was purchased by my husband, Howie Gyle, on March 15, 2003. He saw this old, beat up truck in the neighborhood and fell in love with it. He bought it and planned on restoring it after he retired. He died in 2007 and never started restoration despite his best efforts to get it running. He bought the truck from a “preacher” and had asked if it ran. The preacher said ‘yes’ but it needed a little TLC to purr like a kitten. Howie was very mechanically inclined but couldn’t get it running and realized he was “taken.”

Howie promised if he ever restored the truck, he would name it “the Lyin’ Preacher.”

After Howie died, people wanted to buy the truck. It had sentimental value; it was not for sale. It made me sad that Howie didn’t live long enough to restore it so I gave the truck to my son, Shawn.

Shawn couldn’t sell it either and decided he would restore it so Howie’s memory would live on. He took it to Muncy Restoration in ‘08. On Aug. 29 it was completed. A beautiful tribute to Howie, right down to the airbrushed picture on the back of the truck. “Lyin Preacher” is airbrushed on the gate.

This truck is one of a kind, completely functional truck with a 390HP Duramax engine, Allison transmission, power steering, power brakes, AC, power windows, tilt steering wheel, 4 wheel disc brakes, a receiver hitch and snowplow. It is adorned with chrome rims and BFGoodrich tires.

Shawn is owner of SJ Pulver Trucking and C&S Truck Shoppe, in West Nanticoke. He installed a fully functioning Boss power angle straight blade plow on the truck. It sits front and center of his showroom and is used to demonstrate the operation of the Boss plows.

This truck is now a gem. It memorializes Howie and shows Shawn’s love for his step-father.