Motorhead: 1979 Chevrolet Corvette

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First Posted: 11/24/2014

“My wife calls this my mid-life crisis car, even though I’m not old enough (I think) for a mid-life crisis yet,” Derrig said. “When I bought this car it had been in an accident and had a lot of body damage, it was basically a restoration from the frame out.” “I love ’70s cars, I remember seeing them on the road when I was just a little kid and always hoped that I would get to own one. My original plan was to buy one that was road-ready and not have to go through all the restoration and stuff like that, because I never thought I would be good at it, but it turns out I really liked doing it. It is rewarding to take something damaged and make it whole again, restoring it to its original condition. My brother and I are now looking for another beat-up car to take on.”