Bartenders serve up hangover cures

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First Posted: 12/18/2014

The only thing better than a bartender with a heavy pour is a bartender with great advice to spare.

Over the years, bartenders have earned a reputation for giving the best advice.

It makes sense. They’re the ones pouring it out when you are drinking away your sorrows, listening to you complain about your life falling apart; and they’re the ones handing you the glass to toast when celebrating an achievement, listening to you talk about your personal victory. When it comes to needing advice, bartenders are the ones to turn to. Even if they haven’t done it, they have watched you do it or listened to you talk about doing it.

That’s why Weekender reached out to bartenders throughout NEPA for some advice on how to say #ByeFelecia to 2014 in style this New Year’s Eve and not hate life the next day with the hangover from hell.

After all, if anyone should know how to cure a hangover, it should be the one who helped give it to you in the first place.