MOTORHEAD: 1989 Ford Mustang Saleen 302

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First Posted: 7/7/2014

This 1989 Ford Mustang Saleen 302 is owned by Brendan Mathis of Clarks Summit.

“Since we just celebrated the All-American July 4th holiday, I thought I’d submit my All-American car, the Ford Mustang,” Mathis said. “This car is my pride and joy; I’ve done a lot of work on it. It has the 302 cubic inch, 5.0 liter engine and gets about 230-240 horsepower.

“It also has a speedometer that goes to 170 miles per hour, a Hurst shifter, FloFit sports seats, and a special Momo steering wheel. … I worked hard to be able to afford this car and to be able to do the upgrades that keep it in tip-top shape.”