MOTORHEAD: 1970 Ford Bronco Sport

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First Posted: 2/10/2014

This 1970 Ford Bronco Sport is owned by Gene Robert Sklaney of Scranton.

“I’ve owned an SUV since before SUVs were cool,” Sklaney said. “This is a 1970 Bronco that I bought in 1981 or 1982 and have since did a complete restore.

“It’s bare bones inside, nothing luxurious like the way they make SUVs today, but I’m a purist, so I love it the way it is.” Sklaney’s Bronco features the biggest engine possible at the time, a 302 cubic inch, 4.9L, eight cylinder engine.

“SUVs have also gotten much more expensive,” he noted. “This Bronco had a base price of $2,194 back in 1970.”