Light beer for the dark winter

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First Posted: 1/28/2015

Glassware: Tulip or snifter glass best captures the aroma of the beer and allows it to warm up slowly making for a long lasting refreshing beer. The new Spiegelau wheat beer glass would also perfectly capture the aromas and flavor of this beer.

Description: Weizen Bam pours a bright and hazy yellow hue with vibrant white head that leaves a thin layer of lacing on the glass. The aroma is a bouquet of delight with notes of lemon, apples, bananas, clove and hints of tart and sweet wheat malts, very vibrant and great for awakening the senses. The taste follows the nose with hints of green apples, lemons, and wheat malts all wrapped around a wonderful sourness from the wild yeast. This is a beer that is complex yet simple with a light body and high amount of carbonation. Weizen Bam may be perfect for a summer day, but it can also brighten up even the dreariest winter day. This is a beer that has something for everyone and is an absolute must try beer!

Food pairing: The effervescent qualities of this beer make it a dream pairing with lighter fare. The bright characteristics from the wheat malt and wild yeast are the perfect accompaniment to many seafood dishes. Try pairing Weizen Bam, with your next shrimp cocktail and don’t be afraid to squeeze on the citrus, the wonderful malts will match perfectly with the natural citrus notes from the shrimp and the light body and high carbonation will scrub away any lingering tastes. This is also a beer that goes great with fish such as tilapia, flounder, salmon, and cod aiding in the citrus qualities and again the high carbonation plays a strong portion in this pairing. If you are looking for a great pairing for a light lunch than pair this with any number of great salads with light vinaigrette. The light body of the beer will act as the perfect match for a salad without overtaking the qualities and instead match wonderfully with the light dressing.

The Final Word: Jolly Pumpkin has built up a loyal following with their wide variety of fresh farmhouse ales. The slight notes of sour in the beer make it a great selection to choose from when looking to get into the sour beer style, but it also remains a favorite of many sour beer aficionados. Weizen Bam is a true showcase for the brewery with its light characteristics giving way to a depth in a beer that still manages to clock in at only 4.5% ABV, which is an incredible feat. Weizen Bam truly is a beer that is approachable for any craft beer novice and still offers something for the most snobbish of craft beer drinkers. Simply put, try this beer now!

Where can I get it?: Currently available in 22 oz. bottles at: Cooper’s Seafood- Scranton

Remember, enjoy responsibly!