Quick Chord: Witness Protection, Sleeping In, and Port Arthur

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First Posted: 5/12/2015

Witness Protection

Kingston, Pa.

Sounds like: Fast, aggressive, pissed off hardcore – influenced by Shark attack and Think I Care. The band’s in your face sound demands for you to wake up and listen to the messages within their songs.

Fun fact: Witness Protection’s vocalist, Bam knows Jim Mouth. He’s the guy that broke the world record for smoking the most cigarettes at once

Find them: witnessprotectionwb.bandcamp.com

Sleeping In

Burlington, VT

Sounds like: Blended shoegaze and indie rock, creating their mellow sound.

Fun fact: Three out of five of the members in Sleeping In started off as bass players. Everytime the bands goes on stage the members pretend they are Alice in Chains to conquer their overwhelming stage fright.

Find them: facebook.com/ssssleepingin, Twitter: @ssleepyboys,


Port Arthur

Philadelphia, Pa.

Sounds like: Folk, jazz, and sea chanties with a hint of psychedelia.

Fun fact: Ello, their tuba player, is a professional whistler. For those wondering where the phantom whistle comes from in their live shows.

Find them: portarthurofficial.com, facebook.com/portarthurmusic

portarthur.bandcamp.com, Twitter: @portarthurmusic,

Instagram: @ port_arthur_