Keeping Christmas alive, for another month at least

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First Posted: 12/29/2014

Justin Davis, an 18 year-old freshman at Marywood University, is not the average college freshman. Instead of worrying about his fake ID getting him into bars, he is more worried about blowing a fuse in his parents house in Plymouth. Davis has turned his parent’s kitchen into a Christmas snow globe with music, lights, bubbles and snow.

He has programmed 36 strands of lights and four songs and turned them into a holiday show for the whole family. Each show is 17 minutes and he plays songs from”The “Polar Express,” the Trans Siberian Orchestra, Valley West senior and graduate Sydney and Dylan Fry, and lastly, from the ever popular, “Frozen.”

“It took about 20 hours of programming for the entire show,” Davis said. “Each song takes about four to five hours to program because I do 5 to 10 seconds at a time. Setting up took around four hours, but it is worth it. When I didn’t program the show I wasn’t getting the creative freedom I wanted.”

After the show, Davis makes balloon animals for children and takes a picture of the family in the middle of the light display with snow falling around them. He develops the photos and sends them to his visitors.

“I come from a serving type of family,” Davis said. “Everything is very tedious but I think it is worth it.”

Davis has been programming lights for the past six years. However, this is only the second year he has programmed the show by himself and opened it up to the public. The past four years he could only hook up to six lights and the program did all the work. He learned how to program his own show by watching videos online.

He advertised the show on his Facebook page and now reservations can be made online at

The snow globe display can be seen Friday through Sunday for free at the Davis home at 111 Vine St., Plymouth. Visitors just have to look for the bright blue tree on the left. The show is running until Feb. 1.

“My parents have seen what I did for Halloween so this was nothing new,” he said. “They know kids like it so they don’t care. They want to do what kids like and have a good time at. Davis is the son of Shelly and Carol Davis. They own and operate Shelly’s Pizza, 273 Union St., Luzerne.

Davis said 74 people have come to the “Davis Family Light Show” since the first weekend on Saturday, Dec. 20.

Melody Hargrave of Swoyersville said it is great for the whole family and just long enough to keep her boys attention.

“The boys loved it,” Hargrave said. “It is just a nice thing to come see. It is wonderful that it is not outside so then you can actually enjoy the show. If it were outside, like most are, then it can be so cold you can’t focus on the show.”

Hargrave brought her two sons, Justin, 14, and Logan, 8, as well as their friend Ryder Milia, 14. Justin and Ryder are students who help out with the Spartan Singers, the Wyoming Valley West middle school chorus. Davis volunteers his time to help with the chorus and concerts.

“It is amazing to see a college student with such ambition,” she said. “You just don’t see that everyday. It is great because the boys will see him and think ‘He is doing all of this and he is only a couple years older than me.’ Mr. Davis is just a positive influence for them.”

All of the boys were tapping their feet and singing the songs throughout the show. They sat in their seats the entire 17 minutes and were captivated.

“It was awesome,” said Ryder, who saw it for the first time. “I loved the last part of the show, when the whole room lit up because of all the lights and the music.”

When asked if he was glad his mom took him to the show for a second time, Logan, broke out into a huge smile and responded, “Yes.” “I hope to come a third time,” he said with a big grin. “I want to bring my friend Billy.”

Hargrave said Logan’s favorite part is the balloon animal Davis makes the children after the show. “He was really excited to come back to get another one,” she laughed.

Davis is studying music education at Marywood University but on most weekends can be found at parties making balloon animals. The Christmas season is a little busy but he is still giving to the kids the best he can.

“My dream is to become a chorus teacher,” Davis said.

A dream that seems reachable considering all Davis has achieved already.