The CrossFit journey continues

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First Posted: 2/19/2015

Sarah Haase: Well, we made it. Three months of CrossFit in the books. I’m not the Victoria’s Secret model I was expecting to be after 90 days, but results are apparent none-the-less. Let’s start with the physical differences: my calve muscles look like muscles. There is clear definition for them. My arms feel stronger. If I flex, there is more definition and I’m able to lift 5-gallon jugs of water with ease. My shoulders and back feel like those of a swimmer; strong and muscular and I ready to sport some tank tops this summer. My quads are more solid than before. I have more stamina to walk flights of stairs. I’m more productive during the day because I’m up earlier, and because I’m a little healthier.

The non physical differences: I’ve created several new friendships, have created lots of memories — some funny, others painful. I’ve accomplished personal goals I never thought possible. I have no desire to quit. I plan on continuing with CrossFit.

Are there negatives? That depends on who you talk to. Several people have told me ‘Oh, CrossFit is so dangerous. You really shouldn’t do it.’ I heard similar words from a football player. I thought to myself, here’s a football player who crashes head first into other people, lands in crazy, contorted ways on the ground after being tackled by a 250-pound player, but CrossFit is bad for me? That logic doesn’t exactly make sense to me.

Thanks for the warnings, everyone, but I think that getting off the couch and participating in a strong community activity like CrossFit is pretty darn good for me. Before these three months began, I looked at CrossFit athletes and thought, man they’re crazy. I’d never be able to do what they do.

But, I’m doing it and I’m only limited by my own mind.

Samantha Stanich: I have to eat my words. I like CrossFit. I am a CrossFitter. I don’t post about it everyday on Facebook but I do talk about a little too much. It was something I said I had no desire doing and now I go everyday. I am starting to get a four-pack but I have yet to cut back on wine so that will probably stay at four for a while. My arms are back in the condition they were when I played tennis everyday. My back is defined to the point where all I want to wear are backless dresses but those are impractical and I already am pushing my work attire with leggings and sweatshirts. All in all, I feel better. I have always been athletic and strong but now I am okay with being athletic and strong. I found a community where that is welcomed with opened arms and I am happy to be a part of it.

I have also made some great new friends as well. The “six-pack” or 6 p.m. class has let me into their circle, making my transition to a new place that much easier. Even if I am too sore to walk, I don’t like to miss class because the reality is I miss my friends.

CrossFit has definitely made me happier. I am happier with myself and I am happier with my work ethic. I am not okay with missing a WOD and I shouldn’t be okay with it. I shouldn’t be okay with being lazy or not eating well. I know there are warnings about it being dangerous and a “injury factory.” I threw myself on the ground, in front of cleats and into people for over 15 years playing sports. I don’t see how being healthy and working out is dangerous and if it is, well, consider me Evel Knievel.

I am sticking with these crazy bunch of CrossFitters and I think I am a better person for it.

Jeric Foulds: When we started this challenge in October, I honestly didn’t think I’d be writing for the final column. Over the past eight years or so, I’ve gone to three gyms, filled my refrigerator with fruits and vegetables countless times, and refreshed my wardrobe with workout clothes a half dozen times. I’ve had intentions of being healthier for a long time. I’m not really sure why I failed each time, but I did – very quickly.

So it came as quite a surprise to myself when I started enjoying CrossFit. I enjoy being called an “athlete”. I enjoy the early morning “Cockpit Crew;” they are awesome friends and mentors. I love the fact that you see results developing so quickly. The first thing I noticed developing were my calves, followed quickly by my biceps.

I went in with superficial goals of being skinny with a six pack, and that changed pretty quickly. My goals now are to continue bulking up and one day walk on my hands.

The three month challenge comes to an end, but I think it’s safe to say that Sam, Sarah, and I don’t see an end in sight.