Raising hell with hops

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First Posted: 2/18/2015

Glassware: Rebel Rouser is a very hop forward beer and the aromatics are extremely enticing. It’s best to serve this beer in a glass that captures this aroma. Speigelau’s IPA glass is best suited for the beer, although a snifter or tulip glass will also work. The key is trapping the aroma for maximum enjoyment.

Description: Rebel Rouser pours a dark golden hue with light amber highlights and a frothy bright white head that leaves behind a thick web of lacing on the glass. The aroma is full of hop notes ticking all the right boxes with hints of grapefruit, pine, citrus, and floral backed by traces of sweet malts. The taste follows the nose with a strong hop presence attacking the palate up front with a wonderfully sweet bitterness of citrus and pine hops fighting for domination before the sweet malts wash over and leave behind a textbook dry finish. The medium mouthfeel and moderate carbonation provide the perfect vessel for delivering the hoppy goodness. Sam Adams, yet again, proves why they are considered a leader in the craft beer industry with another world class beer available to the masses.

Food pairing: The wonderful hop notes are a perfect pairing with a wide variety of foods. Try pairing Rebel Rouser with any number of Mexican dishes. The wonderful citrus characteristics of the beer will melt into the spices and keep any fires from getting out of control and the wonderful malt bill will wash over to sooth and clean in between bites. This is also a beer that is great with meats, whether it be a burger piled high with toppings, or the finest cut of filet mignon. The malts will enhance the natural sweetness of the meat while the pine hops deliver a layer of spice to the dish. The mouthfeel will help cleanse the palate perfectly each time. Rebel Rouser is a great beer to have on hand for pizza Fridays and will make even the most mass produced of pizzas more enjoyable.

The Final Word: Sam Adams unveiled their West Coast styled Rebel IPA last year with pronounced success, so it seems like a natural progression to raise the bar with a double IPA. The resulting Rebel Rouser is not only a great beer, but a phenomenal double that stands out in a market flooded by IPAs.

The wonderful malt bill, hop selection, and perfect dry finish make this a must try double IPA. Sam Adams continues to prove to the world why they are so successful. The brewery continues to create new delicious beer and make it available to a great deal of consumers. Rebel Rouser continues that tradition and will most certainly find a home in the fridge of many IPA lovers. Also, if you are looking for a great hop kick with a lower ABV, try Sam Adams’ new Rebel Rider session IPA, a great hop forward treat with only 4.5 percent ABV!

Where can I get it? : Currently available in 12 oz. bottles at: Backyard Ale House- Scranton; Wegman’s- Wilkes Barre and Dickson City; What’s Brewin’- Old Forge; Weis Market- Clarks Summit; and Joe’s Six Packs to Go- Dunmore.

Remember, enjoy responsibly!