Kevin Hart is about to make history in Pennsylvania

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First Posted: 3/3/2015

Kevin Hart may only stand 5’4”, but don’t get it twisted, he is larger than life right now.

The comedic powerhouse can currently been seen in “The Wedding Ringer,” out now in theaters; is already gearing up for the release of his next movie “Get Hard,” opposite Will Ferrell, hitting theaters March 27; is the executive-producer of the popular show, “Real Husbands of Hollywood” on BET; and is about to hit the road for the “What Now? Tour” — the biggest comedy tour in history.

That’s right, history.

When Hart brings his performance home to his Philadelphia roots on Aug. 30, it will mark the first time a comedian has headlined an NFL stadium. Ever.

“We are thrilled to serve as one of the host venues for Kevin Hart’s ‘What Now?’ tour, and excited to be part of this historic entertainment event with one of Philadelphia’s own,” Philadelphia Eagles president Don Smoleski told Weekender.

If you’re having a hard time imagining just exactly how huge this moment is, think about this: Lincoln Financial Stadium has the capacity for more than 69,000 fans.

Hart’s appeal is undoubtedly on fire, but does he have what it takes to sell out a football stadium?

Is Hart in such high demand that he is performing at a stadium to give more people the opportunity to see him, or is it a pretentious self-victory to make history? Since Hart was too busy to answer these questions himself (Have you seen his fiancee? Of course he’s busy.)

We took to Facebook to ask our readers if the comedian is worth a stadium performance; and if they’ll be making a little road trip south to watch him make history in Pennsylvania. Not everyone was on the same page.

“There will be a lot of empty seats. The guy isn’t Eddie Murphy,” said Pat Naughton on Facebook. (, that is. #shamelessplug.)

Louie Agostini went as far as saying he’d he’d rather eat his own vomit.

“I’d rather eat my own vomit than set foot in that shit hole. #DieEaglesDie,” Agostini said.

Rob Boback said he wouldn’t watch Kevin Hart if he were performing live in his own backyard.

People really have a knack for opening up on social media, don’t ya think?

Most of our readers who took to social media said they love him and they will be making the two-hour road trip from Northeastern Pennsylvania to witness history being made.

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