Badboys. What’s so damn good about them?

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First Posted: 1/19/2015

The “bad boy” has forever been an enigma when referring to the laws of attraction. There is something dark and alluring about the James Deans and Eminems of the world. What is it about the bad boy that makes a girl want to break all the rules?

For the 500th time this decade, Hugo Selinski has taken over the covers of local newspapers leaving girls all over the valley swooning at his smug demeanor and cocky bad-boy attitude. It made me wonder, if he wasn’t on trial for murder, would anyone care? Does the bad boy persona make him sexy or does he actually have that much game?

For my research on this, I interviewed a girl who not only has a crush on Hugo (and was almost picked to serve on his jury), but had also served a life sentence of her own when it comes to dating bad boys. For better or for worse, she just can’t get enough.

A little back story, she is the mother of 2 incredible boys, both fathered by sexy bad boys. How bad are they you might ask? Her current boyfriend is currently serving 3-6 years in the state penitentiary for robbery.

As a huge fan of “Orange is the New Black,” I was really curious how relationships with an incarcerated mate work. I was surprised to learn that conjugal visits are banned in the state of Pennsylvania. In other states, you can only get them if you are married. So how do you keep it hot between the sheets when life is cold behind bars?

When it comes to having a physical relationship with a partner in prison, keeping things creative is the key to a happy relationship. Phone sex is an option, but all of your calls are monitored. She said that she has to put the fact out of her mind that someone is listening in as if he is paying a dollar a minute to a 1-900 number. One can also mail in suggestive photos, but you have to keep in mind that they will also be reviewed by prison staff and are given to the inmates at the discretion of the guards. They do not allow anything through to the inmates that is too revealing. She is able to have physical visits without glass called “contact visits.” What they don’t tell you is that there are restrictions on how much “contact” you can actually have. She was grounded from contact visits for six months for a gentle graze of his manhood and he had to serve a month of solitary confinement for the act.

So what is allowed at a contact visit if actual contact is frowned upon? You are only permitted a hug and a kiss upon entering and exiting the visiting room. Hand holding is also permitted as long as it is on top of the table. That’s it. It’s a long, lonely 3-6 years.

So why stay? What is the allure? She said she is attracted to the bad-boy swagger. She defines this as having a man that can put you in your place and be brash with you, a guy who can challenge and complement your inner alpha dog. She is attracted to the strong, willful personality. She said, from experience, these dogs can be kept for a while, but can never be tamed and she knows eventually they all leave. That’s OK though, there is an endless supply of bad boys in today’s society and as long as there are men like Hugo in the world, there will always be a girl volunteering to have him released into her custody.