Breakers Battle of the Bands, Week 2

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First Posted: 3/10/2015

WILKES-BARRE — Shake Shake Shake was the Winner! Winner! Winner! at the first round of Breakers Battle of the Bands inside Mohegan Sun Pocono on Thursday, March 12.

So, who will be giving them a run for their money at the semi-finals? On Thursday, March 19, groups 777, Dead Giveaway, Mood Swing and The Chatter will be competing to shake the competition away.

Sounds like a lot of pressure.

With all that pressure at stake (the grand prize is $10,000, after all), what will the competition be doing before the show to ensure they’re on point? We asked this week’s competitors what there pre-show ritual is…


Based out of Pittston

Members: George Moyer, Guitar; Paul Griglock, Vocals; Al Mondello, Bass and Vocals; Lou Tabone, Drums

Our pre-show ritual: We practice as we go. Every show is a rehearsal for the next. Tune up, turn up and let it fly.

Dead Giveaway

Based out of Kingston

Members: Chris Cimikasky, Lead Guitar; Scott Nixon, Lead Vocals; Ray Reese, Bass Guitar; David Sarday, Drums

Our pre-show ritual: Mingling and interacting with the awesome fans who come to our shows, not to mention the occasional pre-show lucky libations.

Mood Swing

Based out of Wilkes-Barre

Members: Robert Griffin, Male Lead Vocals; Greg “Church” Hedrington, Keyboards; Andrew Slomboda, Guitar; Tiffany Wilson, Female Lead Vocals; Amilcar Campbell, Trumpet; Darneal “Jawbreaker” Jackson, Drums; Carl Charles (not pictured), Saxophone; Rahboo Sabbath, Bass

Our pre-show ritual: We’ll have a quick word of prayer.

The Chatter

Based out of Scranton/Wilkes-Barre

Members: Johnny Lewis, Guitar and Vocals; Dave Norcross, Keyboard and Vocals; Steve Camasso, Drums and Vocals; Scooter, Bass and Vocals; Maura Hennigan, Vocals and Keyboards; Michele Luongo, Vocals

Our pre-show ritual: Once we check out stage set-up and sound preparation, we go out into the crowd to greet everyone. It’s the people that make this all worthwhile, and we are blessed to have such a faithful following.