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First Posted: 1/26/2015

Description: Lagunitas IPA pours a fairly clear golden honey color with a bright white head that leaves behind a thick lacing on the glass. The aroma is filled with wonderful citrus hop notes followed by more subtle floral hops and sweet malts. The taste follows the nose with a wonderfully smooth hop explosion on the palate. The hops hit the palate first with a sweet citrus taste and are closely chased by a sweet caramel like malt bill that finishes flawlessly dry and leaves you wanting more. The hops are kept in check and this IPA is most certainly a textbook example of balance. The medium body and moderate carbonation create the perfect vessel for delivering this sweetly hoppy IPA. Many IPA’s have come and gone since this beer was first brewed but it has proven itself to stand tall above the rest.

Food pairing: Lagunitas IPA is a very versatile beer with a strong hop presence and a solid malt backbone this beer can pair perfectly with a wide array of foods. Try pairing Lagunitas IPA with any number of American dishes like the classic cheeseburger and do not be afraid to pile the toppings high. The hops will match nicely even with the spiciest of peppers and the malt backbone will melt into the meat and the carbonation will scrub the palate clean. Also make sure to have Lagunitas IPA on hand for any big game days to have with your favorite pizza and wings. This is a beer that extends far beyond the borders of American food pairings as well and goes great with many Mexican dishes such as tamales, chilaquiles, empanadas, and taquitos. Whatever you decide to try with Lagunitas IPA it will be a great pairing, because you are starting with a world class beer.

The Final Word: Lagunitas is a brewery with a stellar reputation that has been earned since the beer first began flowing back in 1993. The brewery was at the forefront of the current craft beer boom and was responsible for many of the current craft beer trends, namely the explosion of the American IPA. Back in 1995 when this beer was first brewed the craft beer landscape was vastly different and IPA’s were not a very well-known or popular style. Lagunitas decided to release a hop forward IPA with great results and the brewery has not looked back since. Lagunitas is growing at a very rapid rate every year and last year opened their second brewery in Chicago to help meet growing demand. Despite the vast beer profile of the brewery, Lagunitas IPA still maintains its spot as one of their bestselling beers and after one sip it is easy to see why. Lagunitas IPA is a must try beer for all craft beer lovers! If you feel like going even further into the Lagunitas hop vault of beers try Hop Stoopid and Maximus for a real treat!

Where can I get it?: Currently available in 12 oz. bottles at: Wegman’s- Dickson City and Wilkes Barre

Remember, enjoy responsibly!