Breakers Battle of the Bands, Week 1

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First Posted: 3/9/2015

Get ready to rock out with your debit cards out for a night of drinks and live music when Breakers Battle of the Bands kicks off at 8 p.m. on Thursday, March 12, inside Mohegan Sun at Pocono Downs in Wilkes-Barre.

Each week, four bands will take the stage to compete for a spot in the finals, where a grand prize of $10,000 will be awarded. Bet you wish you were in a band right now, huh?

Weekender will have your first look at who will be performing each week. First up, Butch Frable and F3, Nova City, Shake Shake Shake and The Surrogate Sons. We asked them how the grand prize of 10 grand could help them.

Let the battle begin, bitches.

Butch Frable and F3

Members: (pictured left to right) Butch Frable, Guitar and Vocals; Lou Taylor, Drums; Brian “Womp” Tomsak,

Based out of Scranton

$10,000 could help us keep our cats living in the lifestyle they have grown accustomed to.

Nova City

Members: (couch) Tory Daral, Lead Singer; Chandice Anastasia, Leader Singer (left to right) Stephanie Cass, Piano; Dana Boyer, Guitar; Scott Gunther, Bass; Seth Yaman, Drums

Based out of Binghamton, New York

$10,000 could help us get a high-tech video/light/laser show to create the best party ever for our friends and fans!!! And with the leftover money, we are going to Disney World.

Shake Shake Shake

Members: (pictured left to right) Mark Holland, Bass and Vocals; Tim Carty, Lead Vocals and Keys; Justin Betz, Drums and Vocals; Steve Harman, Lead Guitar and Vocals

Based out of State College

$10,000 could help us toward a new touring van. Ours has over 200,000 miles from doing 200-plus shows a year up and down the east coast.

The Surrogate Sons

Members: (pictured left to right) Bill Carlo, Drums and Vocals; Jimmi Barattucci, Guitar and Vocals; Mike Senatore, Bass and Vocals

Based out of Lake Ariel

$10,000 could help us become financially stable enough to play bigger and better gigs with better equipment and recording software.