Skinny fat: Let’s just erase the fat part

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First Posted: 3/23/2015

Skinny fat.

What it is, what impacts it and how to fix it.

Too often when we embark on a new fitness goal we tend to do the things we enjoy, are good at and what we think we should do.

I get that. But, I also think that’s part of the reason why we start and quit.

Instead of the same, tiring approach that often leads to frustration and failure, think smarter.

To achieve great results you must master one crucial skill: find your limiting factors.

These weaknesses are what’s holding you back.

There can be many weaknesses but 5 of the most common ones are:

1. Your genetic makeup

2. Your physiology

3. Your physical activity pattern

4. Your mindset

5. Your nutrition

You can’t change the first two but you can still improve. You can change the last three.

More exercise is almost always not the answer (unless you aren’t doing any). Better exercise is.

And let’s face it, no matter how fit we think we are, we will always feel as if we have some unsightly fat clinging to our carcasses no matter what we do.

What’s worse is we never fix our busted exercise or nutrition plan. We’d rather complain about it while logging in more and more hours on the cardio machines.

And while we may look svelte from afar and fully clothed, underneath our high-end, slim cut jeans, we wish we were leaner and not just thinner.

Circumference size is not the best indicator of good health. How you look on the outside (thin and not lean) may not always tell you what’s going happening on the inside.

Inactive muscles shrink. With inactivity you’re likely to increase body fat. So, while your circumference size may not change, your body fat levels will, and not for the better.

We can’t change our genetics but we can change our body composition no matter what body type you have.

As men, we typically gain fat in our abdomen. We may be skinny in our arms and legs but that basketball sized stomach is a dangerous sign that can lead to health issues and maybe early death. Yikes!

The upside, this can be easily dealt with because it’s largely diet related.

For women, you likely store your fat in your butt and thighs. If you have been blessed with a bigger butt but are skinny everywhere else..and the jiggle is more than you desire in your derrière, know that you cannot change your DNA and your likely stuck with a bigger butt. Don’t avoid squats and leg exercises befriend them.

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