B-Movie Corner: My Bloody Valentine

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First Posted: 2/9/2015

Originally released in 1981, during the height in popularity of slasher films, “My Bloody Valentine” was a moderate success at the box office, but has garnered a cult following in subsequent years.

The story takes place in a coal mining town called Valentine Bluffs and the townspeople are preparing for a Valentine’s Day dance. However, as we overhear about a past tragedy associated with Valentine’s Day, it is revealed this is the first Valentine’s dance to be held in decades.

Twenty years prior, a mining accident trapped five men underground. The accident was caused by the carelessness of two supervisors who failed to check for dangerous levels of methane gas in the mine and who chose to go to the dance, leaving their posts, while men were still below.

As a result, four died but Harry Warden survived via cannibalism and was rescued. A year later, Harry returned for revenge killing the supervisors with his mining pick and cutting out their hearts, leaving them in Valentine’s boxes and warning the town to never hold another Valentine’s dance ever again.

The warning had been heeded for 20 years until the legend of Harry’s threat becomes a distant memory. The town tries to put the past behind it by holding another dance since Harry was locked up in an insane asylum since the murders.

The younger people in the town are excited for the dance while many others are quite apprehensive. Rightfully so, because people begin being murdered in a brutal manner and the Valentine’s celebration is called into question.

Following standard slasher protocol “My Bloody Valentine” has a lot of charm and great characters. The killings can be gruesome, but is nothing that has not been seen before. Some are killed by a mining pick, a body placed in very hot dryer, the removal of hearts, an impalement and a nail gun.

The main protagonists in the film are T.J. and Axl who have true disdain for one another due to a long standing jealousy over Axl’s wife Sarah’s previous relationship with T.J. This is a main plot within the film.

While many characters in slasher films are quite disposable, the characters in “My Bloody Valentine” are ones you will root for and also want to see killed. Either way, you are invested in them until the end.

This film was also remade in 2009 under the title “My Bloody Valentine 3-D,” while still a good film, its pales in comparison to the original.

Final Verdict: My Bloody Valentine is a fun entry into the slasher genre. While the genre most certainly became over-saturated with stale entries My Bloody Valentine has stood the test of time and still just as enjoyable today. It is a great horror movie to enjoy on a date night as well!

Rating- WWWW