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First Posted: 3/26/2015

Roll call! Weekender staff, what are you up to this weekend?

Sarah: “​It’$ $howtime! I’m $eeing Kat Graham. $uper excited to hear her $ing $a$$y!”

Jeric: “Playing a show in the city with my band The Venetian Blindz. Check us out.”

Sam: “I am going on a date with Tommy but it will probably get interrupted by Rita and Lord Zedd and we will have to save the world…again. It’s MORPHIN TIME!”

Justin Adam: “I’m going to start my second job webcamming with old men.”

Matt: “Drag racing my Lamborghini in Miami.”

Héctor: “Stevie J is cutting me a record deal, so I’m moving to Atlanta on Sunday. It’s been real, Weekender. DEUCES.”

What are your plans this weekend? Let us know what you’re up to on Facebook or Twitter!