5 things to do before turning 32

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First Posted: 4/20/2015

One less-than-eventful Thursday I decided to entertain myself with the tackiness from the Lifetime Movie Network. The movie I wrapped myself up in was called “7 things to do before I’m 30.” Having recently turned 30, I was curious what life milestones Lifetime thought I may be missing.

I am an unwed single mother living in an apartment and driving a semi-busted up car. This sounds a bit more like a country song than a successful life path. According to Lifetime, I am a train wreck. I should be a wife, home owner and drive a respectable mom car. According to me, I am a work in progress and that is OK.

Instead of shoving these 1950’s ideals down the throats of today’s generation, we should be encouraging today’s young women to grow. Instead of saying that you are a failure if you are not engaged or married by age 30, we should be telling them that there are worse things you can be than single. Instead of rushing into home ownership and a 30-year mortgage, rush into some amazing life experiences. Instead of stressing about your weight and counting every calorie, count every laugh (it is the best calorie burner after all).

I felt bad about myself for a few minutes because I wasn’t as accomplished as Lifetime implied I should. By their measurements, I suck at life, but I know in my heart I don’t. After composing myself, I decided it was time to shake things up a bit. I am marking my calendar for this time next year and I hope to accomplish some goals.

Five things to do before turning 32 (I am not 31 until August, but I think I need a head start and really, titles work better when they rhyme, right?)

1. Fix my credit. My 20s were a tough decade for my credit score. I didn’t realize back then how much it could screw with my life now. It impacted my ability to get jobs, cars, personal loans, student loans and now a home. I feel like I may be trapped in my apartment for a few more years before home ownership is an option, but I need to be proactive in taking steps to get my score up. Anyone have some advice for me? Anyone? Bueller?

2. Face a fear. I have my fair share of things that terrify me. I hate clowns, spiders, bees and heights. Maybe someday I will conquer these.

3. Become comfortable with myself and develop a better relationship with the woman I have become. Stop sweating the small stuff and realize I have accomplished some pretty amazing things in these last few spins around the sun.

4. Go somewhere new and have an experience. This is more than a vacation, an experience shakes your core and changes you.

5. Do something that matters for someone in a big way. I have volunteered and done charity work before, but in the next year, I want to change someone’s life for the good and leave the world a better place than I found it.

Wish me luck, I will let you know how this pans out.