Resin-y Goodness

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First Posted: 1/12/2015

Description– Sixpoint’s Resin pours a hazy pale orange with a frothy, slightly beige head that lingers long and leaves behind a very thick lacing on the glass. From the first sniff of the beer it is apparent that Resin will live up to its name as the aroma is crammed full of hoppy goodness.

Strong notes of grapefruit and pine are up front with subtle sweet malt undertones dancing in the background. The taste follows the nose with hops hitting the palate first bringing hints of grapefruit, oranges, and tangerines followed by a wonderfully sweet malt backbone to soothe the palate. The medium body and moderate carbonation are perfect for a beer of this style and provide a wonderfully dry hop finish that lingers long. The 9.1 percent ABV is non-apparent which is wonderful, but also should be kept in mind while enjoying this fantastic beer as it is one that can quickly sneak up and ruin the evening. IPAs are a beer style that get a lot of hype, deserved or otherwise, but Resin is an IPA that certainly lives up to the hype and is a must try beer for IPA fanatics.

Food pairing – The aggressive hop characteristics of Resin make it a perfect pairing with many spicy dishes. The malt backbone also aids in soothing the palate making this a beer that can tackle the spiciest of foods.

Try pairing Resin with any number of great Indian dishes such as: Vindaloo chicken or Phaal curry, but be warned these dishes may be a little too spicy for some. The hops will slightly enhance the spice selection in the beer while the sweet malt bill will quickly quell the overwhelming heat and leave a refreshing feeling on the palate.

If you are looking for a dish with a little less heat, try pairing Resin with some great Mexican dishes. Chicken or cheese Enchiladas are a great starting point. The subtle spice bite from the chili pepper will be a great match for the citrus notes from the hops while the hefty filling will be cleansed from the palate by the wonderful carbonation.

Bottom line, if you are a spicy food fanatic then Resin is a beer that should always be on hand for a dream pairing.

The Final Word – Sixpoint Brewery has established itself as a brewer of fine American craft beers with Resin leading the way in the hops department. However, the brewery did manage to outdo the hoppy goodness of Resin by brewing Hi-Res, a beefed up version of Resin and another must-try beer for IPA fans. While many make the claim “the hoppier the better,” it is a dangerous path to take as once an IPA treads into unbalanced territory it is no longer enjoyable to many craft beer lovers.

Resin treads the unbalanced line perfectly with an abundance of hops backed by a perfect malt backbone. Making Resin a textbook example of the DIPA style. Sixpoint also proves the fact again that incredible beer can come from a can. This is certainly a beer to seek out if you are an IPA fanatic, however this may be overwhelming to those new to the style, so tread carefully, but enjoy fully.

Where can I get it? – Currently available in 12 oz. cans at: Backyard Ale House- Scranton; Exit 190 Beer Deli- Dickson City; and Krugel’s Georgetown Deli- Wilkes Barre

Remember, enjoy responsibly.