Let’s get real: I think he’s cheating

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First Posted: 3/6/2015

Dear Melissa,

My boyfriend has been acting really different lately and I think he may be cheating on me. I don’t know how to approach the topic with him without offending him (if he isn’t cheating on me it will open a whole new can of problems). What do I do?


Dear Unsure,

When it comes to matters of the heart, I always say to trust your first instinct. Normally, your intuition will tell if something is off and if it isn’t cheating, chances are there is still something up if he is acting different. I would approach the topic from an empathetic view. Point out that you have noticed he has been acting differently lately and ask if something is up or is everything OK. Don’t go into the discussion with guns blazing and start accusing him of something that he may not even be doing. It will make him feel not trusted and he may clam up and pull away more. Put on the kid gloves, but don’t be a doormat. Stand up for yourself and remind yourself that you deserve only the best and if he is cheating then he is the one missing out on someone who was probably too good for him to begin with.

Good Luck.