Shave it or save it?

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First Posted: 4/6/2015

For my best friend’s birthday, a group of fabulous women all decided to go for drinks and see “Fifty Shades of Grey.” I am unsure, even at this moment, why we did not get thrown out of the movie theater for the excessive laughing and sarcastic commentary that took place.

This undoubtedly ruined the movie for those around us. My sincerest apologies to the couple two rows in front of us, whom I believe, were on a first date. As the movie dragged on I couldn’t help but notice the excessive amounts of body hair that Anastasia Steel was sporting and it made me wonder if 2015 is going to be the year of the disco bush?

Is hair down there a trend again? I needed to research this so I took to social media to ask men. The age old question is no longer “do the carpets match the drapes,” but rather, is there a preference when it comes to shag rugs, area rugs or hardwood floors?

Most men revealed that they still prefer an area rug or hardwood floors but I received one overly enthusiastic cheer for the shag look. Their logic is that, in addition to being more aesthetically pleasing, it just makes for easier navigation and looks better in swimwear. There are few things as disturbing as seeing Sasquatch peeking out the sides of your bikini. A few added that stubble is sexually uncomfortable and unpleasant, so if you are going to choose to shave, be mindful of a few pricks down south (oh, what a loaded statement).

In my opinion, it is our body, our hair. It really is more of an issue of ladies’ choice. The girls sounded off. Most of them were as disturbed by the on screen shrubbery as I was. What a relief.

I have a few friends that are more into the natural look and have stopped shaving all things top to bottom, but that just isn’t a choice for me. Most women I have spoken to have agreed that it just feels cleaner to be groomed, trimmed, waxed or shaved. In the summer, it is more comfortable for heat and chaffing reasons and both sex and silky underwear just feel better. A few ladies also pointed out that it makes your yearly exams slightly easier and it makes for easier post-coital cleanup.

Certainly it has its setbacks, the hell of razor bumps and ingrown hair is a real thing and can be awful if you nick yourself while shaving. It is far more traumatic than getting cut while shaving your legs. If you let it go a few days, the itching can be both embarrassing and uncomfortable.

There are pros and cons to both preferences.

To shave or not to shave — that is the question. My apologies to Shakespeare for quoting Hamlet in reference to pubic hair, but the choice is ultimately yours. I only ask the movie industry to trim back the hedges for the sequel, in addition to about 50 other editorial critiques.