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First Posted: 4/14/2015

Everybody’s (barely) working for the weekend! Weekender staff, what do your two days of freedom this week have in store for you?

Sarah: “Going to Atlanitc City. Going to win millions of dollars, email my notice then travel the world. Well, one can hope. See you on Monday.”

Jeric: “Heading to Harrisburg for the weekend.”

Sam: “I am participating in my first CrossFit competition on Saturday and then hitting up the Electric City Brew Fest at Montage Mountain.”

Justin: “I’m going to drive to Cady Heron’s house in my pink convertible and say, ‘Get in loser, we’re going shopping!’”

Matt: “Breaking out the grill.”

Héctor: “Gotta drive up to NYC to celebrate my buddy Ben’s new pad in Gramercy. The theme: Catalina Wine Mixer pre-Earth Day rager. Then I gotta dash back to PA Saturday morning for a rugby game in Kirby Park. Boom.”

What are your plans this weekend? Let us know what you’re up to on Facebook or Twitter!