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First Posted: 1/12/2015

Happy 2015. Wow! Good health, safety and happiness to all.

Aries: You are in the mood for change. You can always have your hair recolored, and it grows, so go for it! If you need suggestions come to Star Tresses.

Taurus: You should have a carefree month. Plan a vacation; visualize a warm and sunny destination. After having golden tones added to your hair color, leap from the salon chair to a fantasy pool and admire your reflection.

Gemini: “I will do what I say. I will not change my mind. I will follow through.” These are some of Gemini’s New Year’s resolutions. If this happens, hairstylists of the world, celebrate.

Cancer: At your toes you have Pluto (transformation, roots). At arm’s length you have Uranus (sudden, change). At your back you have Neptune (color, illusions). So, you can transform your hair by dyeing your roots with permanent color and give the illusion you suddenly are ten years younger.

Leo: You like being queen with the spotlight on glamorous you. Enjoy it for the next eight months while Jupiter is lavishing you. Your colors are golden shades, Marigold and Royal Purple.

Whether it’s ombre, highlights or full color, you should have Gold in your hair, Marigold on your eyelids, and Royal Purple lips. Yeaaah!

Virgo: I know you panicked last time you were at a salon because you thought one side of your hair was a tad longer than the other. Then you met Romeo who loves your look and raves about your hair. It’s time for a recut. Take Romeo with you.

Libra: You are the goddess of love, beauty, and harmony. You love pastels and rainbows. Make sure you turn to a professional for your hair because a kitchen job could turn it green.

Scorpio: If you took my advice, you should be sipping wine and enjoying your spa day at Star Tresses. Did you love your massage? Are you basking in the air-jet tub? Soon the Vichy shower will rain down on your charkas. Wait until you dip your feet in from Star Tresses’ whirlpool pedicure chairs, and on and on I could go, but you must have some surprises.

Sagittarius: Let it snow, let it snow! You’d rather cover up your mess with a stocking hat than take the time to have your hair done by a professional. Well, it’s time Sag. Listen to me, and enjoy the raves.

Capricorn: If you have ever fantasized about black hair, now is the time to try it. Wait a minute; it looks best on very short hair (jagged, razored, and flirty) or very long hair. Revel in the transformation.

Aquarius: This month is full of energy for our Aquarian girlfriends. If your hair is dark, have a magenta or violet cellophane added. It eventually fades away, and the shine is divine.

Pisces: Neptune, your ruling planet, governs the feet, so start the New Year with a pedicure. If your hair is blonde, make it platinum. Otherwise tell your stylist to add a dash of ash to your formula. Enjoy the month.