6 TV shows that make for great drinking games

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First Posted: 1/27/2015

When it comes to the local bar scene, I’m over it. I guess there’s an epiphany that happens when you’re outside Kildare’s at 28 years old and begging the bouncers to let you come in after last-call to fist-bump the Finkernagels.

I’m sure it’s just a phase, like the time I told people I used to be a cast member on “Barney” until I believed it myself.

In the meantime, I still appreciate an adult beverage now and then, just not at local bars. Instead, I drink at home in a pair of basketball shorts while watching TV in the luxury of my parents basement. Sorry, Mom and Dad.

I’m sure a lot of people find themselves drinking at home too.

Maybe you’re tired from work and class all week and you just prefer staying in.

Maybe the winter weather is keeping you from wanting to leave your house.

Maybe you lost all of your friends to go out with because you’re just a slut.

Or maybe you’re on house arrest.

Regardless of your reasons, drinking at home doesn’t have to be boring. It can be fun — especially when you turn it into a drinking game!

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, NBC

Everybody loves Jimmy Fallon because he’s a goofy guy with a bubbly personality that makes him seem approachable. He’s always acting starstruck, even though he has been meeting A-list celebrities since he started on “SNL” back in the late ’90s. As hilarious as his skits and jokes are to his audiences, they’re all just as funny to him. It’s not uncommon for him to break character for a smirk or chuckle. Every time Fallon laughs at his own jokes, take a shot! You’ll be hungover before the musical guest.

• 2 Broke Girls, CBS

The show about two broke waitresses living in Brooklyn while balancing a cupcake business and one-liners about hipsters is one of my favorite shows on television. My sister argues that the show is too predictable to watch religiously, but the writing is too great to miss out on. Sure, Kat Dennings’ character Max is always good for a joke about her childhood with a neglectful mom and absent father. Every time Max says something about her childhood, sip something, even if it’s mouthwash!

• Mob Wives, VH1

When it comes to badass bitches, nobody can touch Renee, Big Ang, Drita, Karen and Natalie on “Mob Wives.” Ranging in age from their 30s to 50s, these women are all about living in the shadows of the incarcerated men in their lives while spreading rumors, smoking cigars and throwing punches. They have one simple rule: never trust a cop-caller, a.k.a. a rat. Every time someone says the word rat take a shot. Every time Renee refers to Natalie as Ratalie, chug.

• Parks & Recreation, NBC

This drinking game is easy. Take a shot every time you’re sad it’s the last season of the show about a parks department in the fictional town of Pawnee, Indiana.

• Ridiculousness, MTV

Rob Dyrdek must have some serious blackmail on the president of MTV, because his show “Ridiculousness” is ridiculously played almost all the time. If you’re really ambitious and want to maintain a buzz all day, take a shot every time a new episode comes on.

• Empire, FOX

“Empire” is the highest-rated new series this television season for a reason. About an owner of a record company who is dying of ALS, the show features him pitting his three sons against each other to see who should take over the family empire — the bipolar oldest son, the frowned-upon gay middle son and the youngest who is an up-and-coming rapper. From the moment the oldest son’s wife puts a bib on before performing oral sex on him to convince him to take his meds, to the flashback of the father throwing the middle son in the garbage for trying on his mother’s heels as a child, “Empire” has you saying, “OMG” often. Every time something happens that makes your jaw drop, take a drink. With Timbaland as the music producer for the show, there is usually a good beat in the background, which is a great addition to any drinking game.