Chocolate, flowers and beer?

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First Posted: 2/9/2015

Valentine’s Day is upon us. Many will be running out to pick up cards, candy and wine, but why not take a step ahead of the pack this year and say “I love you” with beer.

Craft brewers have long been introducing sweet concoctions in beer, with an endless array of fantastic chocolate stouts, but many have gone beyond and really stepped up their game. This results in some absolutely fantastic beers to give to your loved one and, if it is true love, it will be shared.

Here is a short list of some great beers for your loved one this Valentine’s Day.

1. Yard’s Brewing Co., Chocolate Love Stout: Yard’s has been brewing Love Stout with resounding success for a number of years. Each year, around Valentine’s Day, the brewery releases Chocolate Love Stout and really kicks this delicious beer up a notch. The smooth chocolate notes meld perfectly with hints of vanilla, caramel and espresso. This is an incredibly smooth beer that makes the perfect accompaniment to a wide array of desserts. Just grab a bottle while you can. It is a limited release.

2. Saucony Creek Brewing Co., Schnickelfritz: Saucony Creek is a fantastic brewery from right here in Pennsylvania with an assortment of delicious beers, but Schnickelfritz really hits the mark for Valentine’s Day. Schnickelfritz tastes like melted chocolate covered cherries in a glass. Strong notes of caramel, sweet chocolate, cream, and cherries are abundant throughout this smooth imperial stout. The 8 percent ABV is well hidden and this most certainly tastes like one of the best chocolate covered cherry treats you will ever enjoy.

3. Samuel Smith Old Brewery, Organic Chocolate Stout: This beer is truly an experience in a glass. Milk chocolate notes overflow with aroma and taste and the incredibly easy drinking characteristic of this beer make it one that becomes a go to throughout the year. Many describe this beer as melted Hershey’s chocolate in a glass but without the overly sweet aftertaste. This beer is phenomenal on its own but one trick to make it even better for Valentine’s Day is to blend it with Lindemans Framboise which is a tart raspberry beer. Nothing says “I love you” like chocolate covered fruit and the addition of alcohol makes it all the better.

4. Lindemans, Pêche: Lindeman’s has some world famous Lambic’s and Pêche is certainly one of their best. Pêche, meaning peach, has wonderfully sweet tart characteristics with a light 2.5 percent ABV. Notes of peach are apparent throughout and the higher carbonation gives this beer an effervescent almost champagne like quality. Pour some into a champagne flute for a truly romantic evening.

5. Southern Tier Brewing Company, Choklat Imperial Stout: Choklat is most certainly the biggest beer on the list coming in at 10 percent ABV making this a beer perfect for sharing on a romantic Valentine’s evening. The chocolate notes dominate this beer with a wonderful mélange of chocolate aroma from dark to bakers to sweet milk; there is something for any chocolate lover in this beer. Southern Tier really knows how to brew outstanding stouts.

Valentine’s Day can be stressful for those who feel a bit of pressure from a loved one to be romantic. Of course, there are many who simply dismiss the holiday as “corporate propaganda.” However, any excuse to enjoy great beer with a loved one is one that should be taken. So grab some of these great beers and enjoy the holiday together, just remember, sharing is caring.