B-Movie Corner: ’Witchboard’

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First Posted: 4/6/2015

“Witchboard” was originally released in 1986 during the height of the slasher film craze of the 1980s. The film’s departure from the format helped catapult its popularity, despite the lack of well-known actors and director. The film has since garnered a loyal underground following.

The film follows Linda, played by the beautiful Tawny Kitaen who later went on to achieve ’80s fame after rolling around on a car in the popular “Here I Go Again” video by Whitesnake. While hosting a party at her house with boyfriend Jim, Linda’s ex, Brandon, stops by and brings his Ouija board, as one does.

Brandon attempts to contact David, the spirit of a dead 10-year-old boy with whom he has communicated numerous times. The spirit responds, but Jim, formerly Brandon’s best friend and now nemesis, insults David, making him angry and provoking David to slash the tires of Brandon’s car.

The next day, Linda sees Brandon’s Ouija board, which he had left behind from the previous night, and tries to contact David. The spirit talks with her and is actually nice and helpful, even informing Linda where her lost diamond engagement ring is.

However, at the construction site where Jim is working, Jim’s friend Lloyd is killed in a bizarre accident with some sheetrock. Jim is soon under investigation by the police due to his missing hammer and lack of emotion over the death.

Linda again contacts David to ask if he caused the accident which killed Lloyd, but he tells her no. Soon Linda begins acting very strange and seems to be slipping into a dark area as she talks with David several times a day.

Brandon approaches Jim to ask about Linda’s well-being and informs him about something called “progressive entrapment” in which the spirit changes and starts to terrorize the user, making the person weak and easy to possess. Brandon is afraid that this is what is happening to Linda and tells Jim they must try to help her.

The two set off to help with the aid of a medium, but things seem to spiral out of control quickly with many gruesome deaths and plot twists.

“Witchboard” is most definitely a product of the ’80s but still holds up quite well, even against modern day horror films. There is some gore present but nothing too disturbing. It’s a great movie to watch with a loved one or friends on a Friday night.