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First Posted: 2/16/2015

Since we last spoke, we all saw the Golden Globe and the Screen Actors Guild Awards. We learned the colors lemoncello and sheer white are the rage; hair is long, loosely waved. Ponytails, side braids and messy buns at the nape are still celebrity popular, although I predict crown buns will be strutting down the runways soon. Lips are purple (told you so) and watch out for fringe, navy and turquoise.

Venus the love goddess is in Pisces, the artistic and visionary sign, so if you know a stylist with a Pisces sun or rising sign, it’s the way to go.

The sun and Mercury are in Aquarius, and our Aquarian stylist Courtney dove into the talent pool recently and produced an award-winning creation. She did a special weave, Mohawk style, with highlights and lowlights. After drying the guest’s hair, she tucked the sides in a twist clip, and wham! It was color gorgeous and very dynamic. So, let’s begin:

Aries: I know you have a pretty face and a brand new style. Did you ever consider turning you sparse eyelashes into thick feathery flirts? .

Taurus: You are down to earth. Go for a pedicure and manicure before holding down the fort.

Gemini: This month start with a double: bangs (full or side, depending on your face shape) and nails.

Cancer: Venus and Mars are flattering you. Great for your love life, but remember you’ve got to look gorgeous.

Leo: Tell your stylist to visualize a lion’s mane when she is mixing your colors. Pick something that will make him growl.

Virgo: Stop being so practical. Plan a vacation. Imagine your hair blowing in the wind on a cruise ship. Splurge on a waving iron and practice for your getaway.

Libra: I know a Libra who jet skied with French fashion designers and he coiffed models for Spring and Fall collections of Oscar de Lorenta, Bill Blass, Nina Ricci in Paris and New York. His name is Joe, and he’s at Star Tresses every Saturday.

Scorpio: Again Venus (beauty) and Mars (men) are in tune to your sun. That’s a good thing, so it’s time for a new you. Have your hair colored and shaped. Get a sexy look. You’ll be glad you did.

Sagittarius: You are the world’s biggest procrastinator. It’s time to take action and do everything you promised yourself. If you never had a razor cut, try it, or ask for a twist cut.

Capricorn: So the ground hog saw his shadow. Six more weeks of winter predicted. Convince yourself to get off the couch, slip into a warm sweater cape, and go for a blow dry and full makeup. Then head to Happy Hour.

Aquarius: ‘Tis your month. After highlights and lowlights, pile your hair up in a crown bun. It will look great with your new infinity scarf.

Pisces: As I said, Pisces gals are the love goddesses this month. You are also more aggressive and creative this February. Arrange a date night and see what happens.