A remake of the remake ‘Resident Evil’

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First Posted: 2/2/2015

Over the last few years there have been many HD remakes of older games. For the first time, we are seeing a remake of a remake with “Resident Evil HD Remaster.”

The original “Resident Evil” came out on the first Playstation in 1996 and it was a technological breakthrough. At the time, the graphics where phenomenal. The story and scares made it the classic it is today; spawning several iterations and many spin off games.

In 2002, “Resident Evil” was remastered and re-released for the Gamecube. They fixed and updated the controls, visuals and every aspect of the game making it the definitive edition, until now. I still remember how scary the original was the first time I encounter a zombie and how the zombie dogs were some of the most memorable gaming moments of my teenage years.

Most people can remember disliking the original “Resident Evil” because of the old “tank controls.” You couldn’t walk and shoot at the same time. You had to stop, turn your body then walk. In really tense moments it made the game extra scary and frustrating because sometimes you felt helpless. The newer games in the series dropped this gameplay convention making things easier. The zombies can’t keep up with you now that your movement is more natural. The bad guys still have “tank controls,” so you can run circles around them and kill them with a knife, which is weird because it takes away some of the suspense. It can still be difficult if you are surrounded or in a boss fight.

Along with the updated control scheme, there is also an easy mode option, which gives you more ammo and makes enemies weaker. This might be a good way for people who have never played the series to try it out without getting too frustrated. If you loved the old games and are upset about the updated controls, you can put them back to the old way and still have the updated graphics.

I wouldn’t want to go back. For me, the thing that makes the game feel old is the inventory system; it’s the same. There is only a limited amount of space, so you have to be really careful on what you carry. Having limited resources is what makes the game so scary. I wish the inventory management was more intuitive.

The graphics are probably the most impressive thing. Not only have all the backgrounds been upgraded, but you can now use the character models and animations from “Resident Evil 5.” There is also a new widescreen viewing mode which makes the game feel more like a movie and looks great on a widescreen TV. The sound was also upgraded and there is now the option of 5.1 surround sound, making the game sound better than ever.

I enjoyed having the chance to go back and play this classic game. I haven’t experienced part one in a long time and it was nice to relive this horror masterpiece, even though this time it didn’t seem as scary as I remember. If you have never played the first Resident Evil game and you love horror games, you owe it to yourself to play the grandfather of the genre. At least to see where the gaming conventions have come from.

I know it has been remade before, but I am glad it has been remade again. Now if we can just get Capcom to remake the first couple of “Mega Man” games in this way, we’d really have something cool.