Mind of matter when it comes to fat loss

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First Posted: 2/24/2015

The way you think can be your biggest asset when you set out to transform your body.

Ultimately, this will determine your success — or failure.

If you typically possess the “I want it now” outlook….I’m going to ask you to stop.

Before you set out to transform your body, you’ll first need to transform your thought process.

In order to be successful with fat loss you’ll need to consider these points:

1. There are no short cuts. The more extreme measures you resort to, the faster and harder the rebound.

2. Accept that fat loss takes time. You may not think it’s moving along fast enough, but if you’re doing the right things, it’ll happen.

3. Stop expecting perfection. Chances are if you expect too much you’ll let yourself down. Sometimes, good enough is good enough.

4. Realize that your quality of life is more important than your body fat percentage.

5. If you consistently miss out on the fun moments in life because you have to “hit your macros” – relax…you can enjoy all of what life has to offer.

6. If you totally abandon foods you enjoy because you deemed them bad. I assure you, you can enjoy all foods. You’ll just need to exercise portion control and mind control.

7. It’s OK to be a little hungry now and then.

8. If you restrict calories too low, thinking it will move things along faster, eventually it will backfire. This I promise you.

9. Marathon training sessions will leave you tired and chronically fatigued. If you’re working hard- shorter is sweeter.

10. Turn your frustration around. If you’ve hit a wall, are frustrated, and feel like you can’t make any more progress…take inventory. Taking a few days to a week off can reset your mind. Review your nutritional habits and reel those bad habits back in.

If you want to get started on a new path, call me at Leverage Fitness Studio. Myself and the team of trainers and instructors are always more than willing to help.