25 things to focus on to get in your best shape

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First Posted: 1/26/2015

We are swimming in a sea of good advice. Yet we often refuse to take it, and end up drowning.

Stay afloat and stay on track with these 25 best fitness tips.

1. You don’t need to be exhausted after your workout. If being exhausted is your goal- then do 500 burpees and go running. If being lean and strong is your goal-then follow a smart strategy.

2. Same with soreness. Muscle soreness following a workout (DOMS) doesn’t mean anything. Don’t go by that.

3. Prioritize fitness. If you find yourself squeezing in gym sessions here and there, come summer time you’ll be squeezing into those jeans you want to wear.

4. Only you can determine the intensity of a workout. Slacking on it? You’ll regret it sooner or later.

5. Lift heavy to lose fat. Lift heavy to build muscle. Lift heavy to get stronger.

6. If you still believe heavy weights makes you bulky…then my hunch is you’re still trying to lose those pesky 10 pounds. And have been so for years.

7. Long workouts are not always effective workouts.

8. Compound exercises will trump isolation exercises every day of the week. If you’re doing more iso then compound- rethink your workout.

9. If getting better at jogging (spinning etc) is your goal then go jogging. If getting leaner is your goal- try Primal Scream.

10. If you haven’t seen any results in some time and are frustrated- consult with a quality trainer who will take the time to help you. And then listen to him or her.

11. If you are injured- skipping the gym entirely is a poor decision…unless you absolutely cannot do anything. If that’s the case- rest. But then eat a lot better.

12. No gym? No worries. Motivated people will do hotel room workouts. Need some ideas- I’ve got plenty to share.

13. You’re right- having low body fat isn’t everything. But your health is. You don’t improve your health watching TV and eating fast food.

14. Cooking. What a concept- give it a try.

15. There is not one best workout- there are many. But all of the good ones have the same fundamental approaches and concepts.

16. If you’re not seeing results it’s because of something your doing…or not doing.

17. Yes- you may have to commit to your program for more than 6 months.

18. Real food over supplements/juice/bars/diet foods will give you the best results.

19. That strong, lean girl/guy you want to look like…that took years of consistency and dedication.

20. You can succeed hitting the gym 3 days a week- or 6.

21. Obsessiveness is overwhelming, exhausting and unnecessary. Work on that.

22. Science doesn’t lie. It evolves. And we know more now than ever on the best ways to lose unwanted fat. Don’t make up your own program if you have no knowledge of how the body works…you’ll wind up frustrated.

23. Detoxes and cleanses don’t get rid of body fat.

24. Sometimes you just have to have the pizza.

25. And dessert.