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First Posted: 3/19/2015

PLAINS TWP. — Everybody has to start somewhere. Contestants competing at Breakers Battle of the Bands on Thursday, April 2 — Big Things Band, Coast to Coast, Light Weight and That Being Said — are throwing it back to the beginning by sharing memories from there first performance.

Big Things Band

Members: Mike “Alien” Trapp, John Jones, Mike Weber, Walker Loveland

Based out of The Poconos

Our first performance began with a trip to the home planet of our guitar player, planet Uranus. We were greeted by our alien hosts who led us to their testing labs, where they implanted us with a chip that gave us the ability to play any song ever created on our tiny blue planet. They beamed us back in time to get to a gig at the local pizza shop, which we now know is an immigration office for alien life forms.

Coast 2 Coast

Members: David Wagner, lead vocals; Beverly Morrocco, lead vocals; Tym Johnson, bass and lead vocals; Robert Thomas, drums; Lenard Lassiter, guitar; Lito Dioquino, keyboards; Al Reid, trumpet and vocals; Tyrone Williams, saxophone and vocals; Raymond Russell, trombone

Based out of Philadelphia

Light Weight

Members: Katie Blake, lead vocals and keys; Matt Rinkunas, guitar and vocals; Joe O’Malley, bass and vocals; John Gallas, drums and vocals

Based out of Scranton

Our first performance was with our current line-up was actually a birthday party. It was a family gathering so there was a wide variety of ages. When we first started, the younger kids covered their ears because they thought we were too loud. But as it usually goes, after a few drinks — apple juice, fruit punch, soda — they all loosened up and became our biggest fans.

That Being Said

Members: Brandon “Ro” Remp, guitars and vocals; Scott Guman, bass and vocals; Kate Mertz, lead vocals, percussion and high-heeled sneakers (she rocks them during every performance); Ed Claus, drums and vocals; Mike Anthus, guitar

Based out of Bethlehem

Our first performance was in a local music store.