Seven reasons spring break is seriously the best semester

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First Posted: 1/20/2015

Winter break is over and college is once again in session.

No more sleeping in, snowboarding on weekday afternoons or enjoying home-cooked meals; back to the world of early mornings, pulling all-nighters and unprofitable beer specials that you’ll come to miss in your late 20s.

Nobody wants a break from hitting the books to end, but it’s important to remain positive and remember the can of Natty Light is half-full. After all, spring semester is so much f — king better than fall semester.

In case you’re experiencing the back-to-school blues, or just in a mood to stop doing work for a few minutes and reflect back to the days when all you needed in life was a refrigerator full of frozen pizzas and a rubber, here are seven reasons spring semester is the best semester:

Transfer students

There are always those students who have a socially inept roommate their first semester of freshman year and then struggle to make their college choice their new home. They usually become prostitutes, but most often transfer to a new school hoping for the ultimate college experience. The addition of fresh faces can revitalize your social circle, but let’s be honest here, it also means their is fresh meat to hook up with. Score!

St. Patrick’s Day

It’s the best day of the year to drink. If you’re a ginger, you actually stand a chance to get laid. And if you are basically just a slut, there’s a chance you’ll have sex with a ginger and be able to cross something off your bucket list. Oh, and Kegs and Eggs is pretty much what heaven tastes like, so I’d imagine.

Spring break

Forget fall break! Spring break is the most fun you’ll never remember. With most of the popular spring break destinations outside of American shores, you don’t even have to be 21 to drink at the bar. It’s a week of sex, drink, beach, pool party, Instagram pic with someone who will be saved in your phone as ‘Nice Nipples’, repeat.

The first warm day of the year

Somewhere around March or April, there will be a random 70-degree day, and nobody will go to class. If they do, you’ll probably be throwing water balloons at them from your car (that’s what my friends and I always did).

What everyone wears on the first warm day of the year

Girls will rock short shorts and guys won’t be wearing a shirt while they drink on their front porch and pass a blunt. Skin will basically be exposed, and everyone’s sex-drive will be rising along with the temperature.


After four years of studying (sometimes five, sometimes seven), the time has finally come to graduate. Graduation symbolizes accomplishment, perseverance and a degree that you probably won’t use. While graduation is a sad time that involves a lot of goodbyes and probably a U-Haul back to Mom & Dad’s house, it’s a time for new beginnings and new adventures.

Countdown to summer

Basically, every day of spring semester serves as a countdown to summer vacation. Whether you’ll be working at a summer camp, going on vacation, tailgating at concerts, working to collect money or drinking with friends from home, summer is something everyone less than 300 pounds anticipates — and it needs to come ASAP!