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First Posted: 2/23/2015

Hey, gang! What’s happening this weekend? Here’s what our staff will be up to in a few days.

Sarah: “Checking out Monster Jam. Yup, that’s right.”

Jeric: “Spending a much needed weekend with my Harrisburg friends”

Sam: “I will be practicing for the Festivus Games, a CrossFit competition, and going to Steamtown Yoga to relax.”

Justin: “I’m celebrating the forecast for 35-degrees with a mini road trip to Philly, where I’ll be filming an interview with Mason Wartman for my online show. Wartman quit Wall Street at 27 to open a pizza shop that encourages customers to pay a buck for a post-it that serves as a voucher for homeless people to trade in for a slice of pizza. This system fed over 8,400 homeless people last year. You may have seen him talking about it on ‘Ellen’ last month.”

Jill: “Getting ready to switch to working on the Dallas Post publication. It’s been great working with the Weekender again!”

Matt: “Practicing for St. Patrick’s Day.”

Héctor: “I have to be on Uncle duty this weekend. My niece is having her 7th birthday party at SkyZone in Scranton. A flask full of bourbon is definitely in order.”

What do you have planned for the weekend? Let us know what you’re up to on Facebook or Twitter!