Your perfect day might not always be so perfect

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First Posted: 2/4/2015

Do-it-yourself weddings are all the rage lately. Nowadays, it seems just about every other bride-to-be in America spends most of her workday on Pinterest planning her wedding. However, once the hot glue cracks and that crêpe paper trellis you poured your soul into topples onto your bridal party mid-ceremony, maybe you wonder if it was all worth it.

Here to save the day are local businesses in Northeastern Pennsylvania, specializing in keeping your cherished day from going awry.

“Hiring a wedding coordinator is a way to say, ‘OK. Somebody has my back’,” said Danielle Pasternak, wedding planner and owner of DPNAK Weddings in Scranton. “Things that would normally take five minutes will take 15-20 minutes on wedding day because of the commotion: cameras, bridesmaids—everyone’s rushing around and clamoring for your attention.”

Weddings can be a logistical nightmare.

According to Pasternak, “We had a bus not show up once. There were about 55 guests that needed to be taken from the hotel to the venue. We called another bus company, but because of the distance, we just had people start hopping into their cars. Everyone was about an hour late, but the venue was very gracious. We kept very open lines of communication with them.”

Aside from the logistics of your special day, you must also remember to regard the legality of the event. According to Kenny Scharlatt, owner of Enchanting Entertainment, a mobile provider of entertainment services for special events in NEPA, there are certain sanctions and liabilities that must be rectified in order for the event to take place.

“On the entertainment side of things, we tend to see a lot of brides go with what we call ‘Craigslist DJs’, meaning non-professional DJs they hire off the internet,” Scharlatt said. “We are fully insured. These other non-professionals might not have the proper channels for covering liability. Let’s say someone trips over a wire or a piece of equipment—we’ve got you covered.”

Any couple’s wedding day itinerary is bound to be jam-packed with a myriad of little, easily-forgettable details that may trip them up. Clothing alone can cause any number of hazards, from tearing seams to popping buttons. Locally owned formalwear outfitter Sarno & Son Tuxedo strives to prevent mishaps such as these from happening.

“We try to save the day every time. That’s what our sales associates are trained to do,” said Tim Stearns, director of retail. “Just the other day we had a bride and groom come in with vests and ties from another retailer that were all the wrong color. It was a Friday and their wedding was on Saturday. We may be a larger company, but we’re nimble enough to do things quickly.”

“This area possesses an incredible network of owner-operators who sweat the details,” said Nancy Sarno, co-owner of Sarno & Son Tuxedo. “I always tell the groom that he should compliment his bride by looking as good as she does. We help him do that by paying close attention to the fit, cleanliness, pressing and coordination of the garments the groom and his bridal party will wear.”

At the end of the day, weddings aren’t just a business; they are an industry. Weddings help create more jobs in the area and stimulate the local economy, all in the name of love. Save the arts and crafts for something you care a little less about like your co-worker’s birthday or that smelly cousin you chose in ‘Secret Santa’.