The CrossFit journey continues

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First Posted: 2/9/2015

Sarah Haase: As with any workout, at CrossFit Scranton, we always begin with a 10- to 15-minute warm-up. Our coach, Robby Casey, spiced it up a bit for us and let us play a little poker. Ah, but this wasn’t your average game with chips and blinds. To earn a card, we had to complete the exercise printed on it. Some were simple — two burpees (you remember; that jump to the ground, do a push up, jump back up move). Others, little more difficult — 15 lunges each leg; or one minute of high knees (where you lift your knees really, really fast, really, really high). At 6 a.m., there were only four of us playing so we had the chance to get a bunch of cards. We kept going until the cards were gone. I think I acquired about 10 to 12 cards, but, no winning hand for me.

Jeric Foulds: I won the poker tournament! No need to be jealous; there were no prizes -(didn’t even get a reprieve from that day’s WOD). What I did get was nice and warmed up for Wall Ball shots. I won’t lie; the more we are getting into this, the more I look forward to the morning workouts. To the point I’m feeling guilty on my days off.

Samantha Stanich: The workout “Wild Card” is an EMOM, or “every minute on the minute.” Every time the buzzer sounded the minute, we had to complete five wall balls. And in between those minutes, we had to continue to complete 100 ground to overheads. This was tough. Actually, it was beyond tough. It was mentally and physically exhausting. I am not a fan of stopping a workout to complete another one if the first workout is not finished. It just isn’t how my brain works. But I have to get over my quirks and do the workout. Not as easy as it sounds.

Sarah: I haven’t yet completed an RX, the exact workout listed each day. I tend to modify my workouts. For example, I’ll swap pull-ups for ring-dips, lighten the load on my bar or trade burpees for push-ups — until today. Well, not the RX part, but the burpees part. This week, one of the workouts called for one minute of burpees. Groan. But I’ve been consistently doing push-ups, not even attempting them since that first week. With encouragement from Robby, Jen Siciliano and Alison McHale Skoff, I attempted and completed two rounds (out of four) of one minute of nonstop burpees. It might not seem big, but considering I was unable to even complete one of these just three months ago, it was definitely a milestone in my book.

Jeric: This workout will be a snap, right? The only weight we’re working with is body weight. … Again, I was proved wrong. It doesn’t help that I have gained some weight the past few weeks since I started CrossFit. No complaints, though; the extra weight is definitely all muscle. So it wasn’t easy; exercisesthat show results never are. Dr. Izumi Tabata, or whomever the person was that developed today’s exercise, had the right idea.

Samantha: Instead of pushing through and getting at least five ground to overheads a minute, I lose count and probably do 30 more than what was needed. I w0uld have done more if my teammate, Michele, wouldn’t have stopped me. She knew I was in line with her and she had been done a good five minutes before I was even thinking about stopping. Thank goodness for my 6 p.m. class or else I would probably still be at the gym doing grounds to overheads.

I took Tuesday off. Not only did my body need a break, but my mind needed one, as well.

I needed a good sweat on Wednesday. It had been a long day at work and since I took off Tuesday. I felt as if I hadn’t been there in forever. The workout is my least favorite kind where you have to rely on yourself to get the reps. However, I was ready to push myself and got a total of 201 kettlebell swings, burpees and taters. I did scale back to 150 singles instead of 75 double unders because I wasn’t confident with them yet. Overall the workout was difficult and all I wanted to do was nap after work but I was happy to be back at the gym and getting stronger.

Jeric: We are doing the “Happy Camper.” There is nothing happy about double unders. I do like how quickly this week’s routines are going by though. My favorite part about CrossFit is the amount of work you can get done in an hour. Warm-up, work out, and close-up with a cash out.

Samantha: We started off the night with maxing out our strict presses and I proudly maxed at 75 pounds. This isn’t the heaviest amount of weight but my arm strength is something I always have to work on. I get all my strength from my legs and though I played tennis my whole life, the power does not come from my arms. After being pretty pleased with my progress, it was time to get down to business. Though the WOD looked terrifying it was one where you did the reps and that was it. It was all written on the board, it wasn’t up to you. Also, the workout included box jumps, which are my ultimate favorite. I even PR’d my box-jump at the end of class with a 34 inch jump. All in all, I left this class on a high note and was ready to get better.

Sarah: Oh kettlebells and lunges, why do you hurt so good? Picture it: you must take giant step, after giant step, making sure your knee touches the ground, while your other knee does not over extend the toes, all while holding 2 26-pound weights in each hand. What! The last time we had to do, like, 1 million lunges, I had to stay close to the wall just to keep my balance. I held on to benches along the way so I wouldn’t fall over. How was I supposed to hang on to something to keep my balance when I had to hold weights in my hand? I wouldn’t. Sans weights, I tried a few lunges. Success. I didn’t feel like I was going to fall. Now, let’s grab those weights. OK. The 26-pounders were a little too heavy for me. I dropped down to the teens and, what? Ninety walking lunge steps in the books. (Oh but how my legs hurt, the good hurt, the next day.)

Samantha: I actually opted for the RX plus on Friday. I did have to scale the WOD because it called for pull-ups and double unders. I had been working on my double unders but knew that it would take too long, so I opted for singles. I tripled the number of expected double for the correct scale. Instead of pull-ups, I did ring-rows to continue to build my strength for completing a pull-up one day. I have come to realize everything is a journey and you will not complete it on the first try. This is one reason I decided to push myself with the RX plus.

The workout consisted of jump-roping and multiple rounds of “Cindy.” “Cindy” is five pull-ups, 10 push-ups and 15 air squats. All of those movements equal one round of “Cindy.” In the WOD, you had to do a total of 15 rounds. I was proud I could even do a scaled RX plus. It also pushed me to get the parts I had to scale. Since then I am able to do double-unders in a workout and have move from ring-rows to jumping pull-ups. One day at a time.

Jeric: I’m always nervous on days that there are so many routines on the board that I have to write them on the floor with chalk so I don’t forget what I’m doing. I like that it is broken up today with lunges, though. They do make the legs burn, but it’s a fun exercise. It kind of is reminiscent of pretending you’re a giant as a kid and taking massive steps. Adding 70 pounds was the killer today, though. I had to scale the number back or I never would have completed the rounds. Another week down, and I’m feeling results more and more.