Hairology: Welcome to March madness

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First Posted: 3/15/2015

There’s a solar eclipse this month. If you were born between March 18 to April 3, this will be a year to remember. Exact date of the eclipse is March 20. The theory is don’t do anything major the week before an eclipse. If you do, changes will have to be made. That includes hair color. Wait until after the eclipse to go from black to blonde.

Aries: This month it won’t take much for you to blast off, shout, scream and kick. Stop pointing the finger and blaming others. Instead, make an appointment for a microderm abrasion, and then have your hair professionally styled. Ask for a deep conditioner.

Taurus: At month’s end, Venus (the planet of beauty) will wrap her Taurus arms around Pluto (the planet of transformation). It’s time for a new you. Ask for pretty. Your look will add to your charm. Venus also rules love.

Gemini: This month you are on a social roller coaster, so your skin and hair must look good. Make an appointment for color, and then have your stylist put a lot of texture in your hair.

Cancer: You are feeling mystical thinking of distant plans and people from afar. Pile your hair up, and pin it. Fill your tub, throw some rose petals in, and soak. Take a selfie. P.S. Don’t forget the wine.

Leo: Getting ready to move forward, next month baby! Take advantage of the good life. Put a photo of long, straight hair and a full bang on the calendar.

Virgo: People are taking notice of you a lot lately. They are infatuated by your charm. It’s almost like there is an aura around you. For hair color, mahogany with subtle caramel highlights.

Libra: Pull, push, shove! Mars, the planet of energy and hot tempers, is doing it. Instead, pull your hair up in a ponytail, push it forward and make a bump, then shove a headband behind it. How do you like that Mars?

Scorpio: Things have calmed down a little. Thank your stars. It’s time to get sexy. Here is a trick for long hair. At bedtime comb the crown forward. Clip it. Braid the rest of your hair, both sides and back. The next morning, curl the crown, spray, and then release the braids. Run your fingers through. Wow! You’ve got a thick and sexy masterpiece.

Sagittarius: Since Sagittarians are fond of travel, get beach waves, and then imagine you are on a beach anywhere in the world. Your visualization will be noticed, and men will find you even more attractive.

Capricorn: Tempers are flaring. It’s a very critical month. Since you are one of the calmest in the zodiac, your request will not be ignored. That includes your stylist, even if you ask for highlights and your appointment was for just a haircut.

Aquarius: You are very busy this month. Can’t wait for spring. Your calendar is full as well. You’ve got happy hour (loose and curly), charitable event (updo), and your kids’ basketball games (ponytail).

Pisces: Don’t be deceived by cuties’ flirting and meaningless insinuations. Instead, pull your freshly highlighted hair into a messy bun, and bat your long eyelashes after you’ve had them filled in and let them drool.