9 Ways McDonald’s employees will mess up Pay With Lovin’

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First Posted: 2/3/2015

When I was in high school, I saw a manager at McDonald’s using her break to pierce someone’s tongue on top of an outdoor table. I told myself that I would never eat at a McDonald’s again. But I did. McDonald’s always find a way to lure people back in.

Today, McDonald’s has a brilliant new marketing campaign where customers can pay for their meal with random acts of love.

The not-so-brilliant part of the this plan, however, is that it will be handled by McDonald’s employees.

After ordering your meal, a McDonald’s employee might ask you to do a little dance or tell a family member that you love them in exchange for a free meal as part of their Pay With Lovin’ campaign. It looks like a great idea on TV, but the ad version of Pay With Lovin’ and the real-world version are probably about as similar as a Big Mac in an ad and a real Big Mac.

If you have ever eaten at McDonald’s, you would know that they steadily find ways to screw up your order. Here are nine ways McDonald’s employees could screw up the Pay With Lovin’ promo:

1. They tell you, “Call your mom and tell her you love her,” and your mom is actually dead.

2. Your mom is alive and you call to say, “I just wanted to call and say I love you,” and then hang up, she’s likely to get worried that you were saying goodbye and are about to commit suicide. Now a McDonald’s worker made your mother cry.

3. A deaf customer orders food. You know there is no way in hell the cashier at McDonald’s will know sign language.

4. A blind customer is asked to tell the person next to him or her what they love about them. How will they know which side the other person is on?

5. There is a long line and a cashier asks someone to do a happy dance. Nobody waiting in line is going to want to watch some stranger dance in a McDonald’s for a hamburger that costs less than a buck.

6. They select someone who is rich, but behind the rich person is a single mother struggling to feed her kids who is asked to pay.

7. The terms and conditions of the promotion aren’t explained and a customer asks for help with their child support and a 10 piece McNugget.

8. One of the methods to show lovin’ is for the customer to write a poem about who they love. People don’t often go to McDonald’s because they have time to write a poem. What if that person is in a hurry? Now they have to pay because they didn’t pencil for a poetry slam at McDonald’s.

9. Cashiers aren’t likely to participate in this campaign. They get pissed off when you ask for an extra sweet and sour sauce.