Join the coolest party on the Mountain

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First Posted: 2/19/2015

MOOSIC — Months of shredding, carving, skiing and boarding will wrap up with one big party on Montage Mountain. The ski resort is partnering with Fuzz 92.1 to throw its second annual Mountainfest, the coolest fest on the slope and the mountain’s biggest party of the year.

Montage Mountain is celebrating its 30th season and are planning to end it with a bang. Mountainfest will be jamming all night with local bands keeping up the energy. At 1 p.m., Pair of Mikes kicks off the party followed by the Nowhere Slow Duo at 3 p.m. and at 6 p.m. Graces Downfall ends the night. There will be plenty of rounds on the shot ski, a ski with shot glasses glued to it so participants can drink at the same time, and tailgating games and contests to fuel participants competitive side. The Susquehanna Brewing Company is even crafting a unique brew for the event.

“This will be our biggest party yet,” said Sarah Farrell, director of sales and marketing. “It is the first year for a specialty beer exclusively for the party. There will be activities all day for skiers and snow boarders and for those who don’t go on the mountain. Everyone can watch the races and have fun.”

At 1 p.m., SBC will tap the 10-gallon firkin.

“We are crafting a beer with the base of our Goldencold lager infused with natural, blood oranges,” said Kevin Macaluso, sales representative at the Susquehanna Brewing Company. “You will actually be able to see the pulp in the beer. We don’t carry this beer at all. It is special to this event.”

The brewery will take the beer from the fermenter, so it will still be carbonated and producing sugar, then add fresh orange juice directly to the beer and let the deliciousness ensue.

Michele Petrasko of Scranton attended last years Mountainfest with her friends and said she had a blast. She said the drink specials were great and her group of friends can’t wait for this year’s party.

“There were a ton of people there and even though I ski and board, I took advantage of the activities,” she said. “They had all the fires going on the decks and everyone was watching all the activities on Mainline. If you missed out on last year’s, definitely come to this year’s event.”

Activities throughout the day include the Slush Jump, known as pond skimming, where participants ski down the hill and try to skim across a man-made pond without falling in and getting wet.

“The goal is to get enough speed down the hill,” Farrell said. “The faster you ski, the better the chance you have of making it to the other side unscathed. We usually have a ton of onlookers to cheer on the participants. It’s tons of fun!”

The outcome, usually is much funnier than expected. Farrell said people come in costume or even a bathing suit to add to the insanity and entertainment of the day. The slush jump is a competition for all ages and takes place on Mainline, a green trail which runs right in front of the lodge.

“The Slush Jump was hilarious,” Petrasko said. “I don’t know why or how they do it but it was pretty entertaining.You want them to jump the pond, but if they missed, well, that was pretty funny.”

There will also be a bikini race and games such as giant Jenga, Mega Pong and even inflatable sumo-suit wrestling. Food and drink specials will be going on all day.

The bikini race starts around 2 p.m. It is free to anyone who wants to register in the morning. This event also takes place on Mainline so everyone on the mountain can watch the excitement. The brave souls will compete for the fastest time down the mountain on their skis or boards, while dressed in, you guessed it, a bikini.

Event organizers claims this will be the party of the season. So put on your party pants and head up the mountain.