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First Posted: 1/12/2015

Social media was on fire after Naya Rivera made a comment that had viewers upset when she guest co-hosted “The View” on Jan. 13.

The 28-year old “Glee” star, of African American, German and Puerto Rican descent, said after recently marrying a white man (actor Ryan Dorsey) she has come to the conclusion that white people shower more than ethnics.

“I think that white people shower a lot more than ethnics. I think that showering more than once a day, or every day, is such a white people thing,” Rivera said during a discussion of Hot Topics on “The View.”

Rivera backed her statement by claiming she read a report in which a dermatologist suggested one should shower once or twice every three days — a habit to which she complies.

People were outraged, slamming Rivera on social media for disrepecting ethnics and not practicing proper hygeine.

Weekender took to our Facebook page (if you haven’t Liked our page yet, you should totally get on that) asking readers what they thought about Rivera’s remarks, and most importantly, how often they shower!

This is what they said…

Rasha Shaker: “Showering everyday isn’t good for your hair as it can dry it out. Personally, I shower every other day so that I can give my scalp a chance to gain some of its oil.”

Reply: Tonia Makowski: “U can wash ur body everyday nd not wash ur hair everyday…”

Reply: Rasha Shaker: “I get that. But just because you don’t wash it every single day doesn’t make it a crime. As long as you can’t smell anyone what’s the problem?”

Jim Rossick: “Who showers once every 3 days..even sitting around doing nothing, you’re still gonna have a smell to you after 3 days..omg that’s disgusting”

Richard Powley: “It’s not my business how you shower but if I smell you I’m going to tell you”

Dyer Knight: “I shower everyday. I couldn’t care less what anyone, indluding some ‘expert’, thinks about my hygiene. I’m in no mood to feel gross because someone wrote an article that says it’s bad.”

Matthew Kruczek: “‘White’ she’s pretty racist.”

Bob Frapples: “I shower daily and I’m very Italian.”