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First Posted: 3/18/2015

PLAINS TWP. — Everybody has to start somewhere. Contestants competing at Breakers Battle of the Bands on Thursday, March 26 — GoodMan Fiske, Gun Metal Gray, Nowhere Slow and Sonic Supper — are throwing it back to the beginning by sharing memories from their first performance.

GoodMan Fiske

Members: Ryan Fiske, lead singer and rhythm guitarist; Gene Goodman, lead guitarist and back-up vocals; John Kresge, drummer and DJ; Alex Staff, bassist and back-up vocals

Based out of Hammonton, New Jersey

Our first performance was nine years ago at a small bar in our home town with two kids, two guitars and one speaker. Since then, we now have a full band of four men, a production team, management, a vehicle, an LLC and thousands of fans throughout the world.

Gun Metal Gray

Members: Dave Damone, vocals; Nick Wright, guitar; Christian Koch, guitar; Brandon Friedline, bass; Jeff Stumpf, drums

Based out of Harrisburg

Our first performance was at Gullifty’s Underground in November 2011. The venue is basically a basement. Nearly three years later, in December 2014, we toured the UK for a few dates. Our mission as a band is to “bring back metal,” and we won’t stop until we do.

Nowhere Slow

Members: Rick Gillette, vocals and guitar; Will Clauss, bass; John Canjar, lead guitar and vocals; Tommy Wynder, drums

based out of Scranton

First show we ever played was at a small bar in Mount Pocono. It was a bit of a mess to say the least. I hope after 12 years we’ve improved some [laughing].

Sonic Supper

Members: Dave Yakabouski, bass guitar and vocals; Greg “Chae” Jezewski, lead vocals and guitar; Tony Traglia, drums and vocals; Keith Sikorski, lead guitar

Based out of Exeter

Our first gig took place at an outdoor venue at high noon on the hottest day in human existence. The heat was unbearable, but the crowd was great. Since that time, Sonic Supper is still rocking, only better than ever.