Kick & Fennick perfect ‘little’ game

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First Posted: 3/9/2015

I have come to enjoy smaller games on the PS Vita and one of February’s free games from PS Plus “Kick & Fennick” has been one of my recent favorites. I enjoy bite sized games that I can play on the go when I am traveling or in a doctor’s office. This game is a great one to pick up and play in short bursts.

The first thing you will notice is the game looks great. The graphics are bright and colorful and it has a cute hand drawn aesthetic that I love. All of the characters looks very charming and the music does a great job of setting the mood.

“Kick & Fennick” is one of the most unique platforming experiences I have played in some time. Kick is a little boy who is inside this building, he finds a little flying robot named Fennick with a broken battery. The movement is similar to any other platforming game but you find you can’t jump in a traditional sense. If you need to get to a higher platform you need to use Fennick like a gun and shoot it at the ground to propel you into the air to the platform. When you aim in the air time slows down allowing you to redirect and shoot again changing your trajectory to reach other locations. You can shoot twice before you have to reload and fall to the ground. You have to get your timing and aim right in order to chain your jumps together to get where you want.

You have to use this innovative form of transportation to travel to the center of this tower to get a new battery for your new friend. You don’t just use Fennick to move around you can also use him to shoot down enemies. There are some boss battles along the way in the 40 plus levels that include all sorts of puzzles, enemies and challenging obstacles. For the most part, none of the obstacles are super challenging. You mostly avoid electrical wires, navigate moving treadmills or ricochet off bounce pads. It’s not until much later in the game where the challenge ramps up. The sections with the bouncing pads is tough because you only get two shots with your gun so you have to get the aim perfect or else you will fall in a pit and you have to start over which gets frustrating.

One of the problems with the difficulty ramp up is, if you die, you have to restart the level, back track and replay that section. It can get repetitious. Failing a jump isn’t instant death because you can get life orbs that will prolong your game. Life orbs run out so get good with the controls to continue. Finishing levels feels like a great accomplishment.

Later on in the game, things like portals are introduced. They change how you play. One of the things that changes the experience the most is the boss battles at the end of each level. You fight all sorts of creatures such as spiders and giant robots. Each of them have a weakness. You have to figure it out, a puzzle in itself. The boss battles feel very inventive and I wish there were more of them in the game.

I experienced trouble with saving. There where a few times I put the game down or my vita battery died and I lost some of my game progress when I came back.

Overall I loved “Kick & Fennick.” It is a fun downloadable title great on the go. The story and graphics are cute and charming and the gameplay is different then any other platforming game I have ever played. Finding out what the next puzzle was going to be kept me coming back till the end of the game and I was pleasantly surprised by each new level.